Adil, age 4-

Adil is sitting on the dining table being fed by his nanny. His father sits at the head of the tabled, with his secretary to his right. Adil stares at the strange woman on the table. She gives him a sweet and innocent smile. The meal is eaten in silence.

Later that evening-

Adil is unable to sleep. He picks up a story book and walks into his father’s bedroom, hoping he will read him the story. He enters the room. His father is with his secretary.

“GET OUT, IDIOTIC BOY!” He yells, kicking Adil out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Adil stares at the book on the floor, kicks it to the corner, and begins wailing. The sharp sound resonates through the entire house.

Adil’s father bangs open the bedroom door. Adil stares at him pleadingly. He stares back, seething with anger.  

“SHUT THAT RACKET, YOU LITTLE WRETCH!!” He yells, grabbing Adil by the shoulders, and violently shaking him.

“Stop it!” A woman’s voice vibrates through the corridor. The secretary shoves the man away from Adil. “You are his father, so start acting like it.”She scolds the large man, her eyes like fire baring into him.  

Adil stares at the thin, sweet looking woman. His father growls, before marching into his bedroom, and banging the door shut, on the both of them. A click from inside confirms that they have been locked out. The secretary picks up the book from the corner, and bends down to look into Adil’s small face. “Your father’s just stressed, don’t worry.” She said, lifting him in her arms. He looked into her bright grey eyes, and blushed slightly, the tears slowing their pace.

“Daddy doesn’t love Adil.” Adil mewed as the tears crept back up behind his lids.”Did Adil do a wrong thing?”

“No, sweetie, daddy loves Adil a lot, Adil is a very good boy” She tapped his nose gently, “Your father....” She began to falter, “He is just...slightly.... awkward” She said holding him tightly to her chest. He snuggled up to her, the warmth engulfing him. His tears subsided. She began to sweetly sing a soft melody as she carried him to his room. The sweet tune filled his ears, and soon, he drifted away, into the land of sweet dreams.


The End

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