BrotherBear and Mother

For the first time in weeks, Adil found himself smiling. He had finally found a small window into the outside world, like a teleportation device that allowed him to connect to people far away without ever leaving his bed room. He had found hope in a small, run down computer which had allowed him to gain the friendship of one small, unknown person. He did not know this boys age, or real name, nor had he ever seen his face, but the connection they shared was invaluable. They chatted with each other over the internet a few times a week, and found each other’s company comforting. To Adil, it was a sweet escape into a world he never knew. His little friend, who went under an assumed name “BrotherBear”, often spoke about , outings, trivial fights with school friends, teachers, and other small problems and fun incidences, while Adil would simply comment, intrigued by this boys constant babble. He had little to share, but he gave his trust and heart to this boy.

“Adil!” His mother yelled as she crashed into his bedroom one afternoon, while he was on her laptop. Her eyes were red and tear stained, her slim frame shook with fear, and her face was one of fright and devastation. She stood at his door in shock for a moment. “I couldn’t hear you in your room.” She mumbled as she looked towards the floor, the tears glittering in her grey eyes. “I thought you had gone.”  She choked out. Her shaking knees gave way. Her little body crumpled onto the floor, as she sobbed.

Adil jumped from his seat, and edged to his mother’s side. He slid his hands around her waist, and pulled her into a tight hug. “I thought you had left me too....” She mumbled as her breath staggered.

“I won’t leave you. I will never betray you.” He whispered, as his fists tightened behind her back, remembering the sweet and blissful days that he ruined; remembering the life that he destroyed. He heard the computer beep in desperation. His friend wanted a reply; Adil ignored the frantic calling, and shut out everything surrounding him, heeding only to the person most important to him, this woman, who called herself his mother.


The End

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