Beginning of a Relationship

The screaming telephone woke Adil at 6:00 in the evening, his hand still clutching on to his mothers. He ignored the telephone, gently slipped his hand from his mother's weak grasp, and walked towards the sitting room. He observed the wreckage carefully, picking up a broom, preparing to clean up. There was little he could salvage. He began by sweeping up the glass shards that lay glistening n the floor, and filling up the dust bin with thousands of tiny glistening pieces. A sharp piece pierced through the sole of his foot. He winced as he began hopping to a toppled chair. He lifted it of the ground, he placed himself comfortably on it, before removing the glass piece from his foot, he taped a light bandage around his bleeding foot, before continuing his work. He took another glance at the room. It was a mess.

The phone began to yell at him, pleading him to pick up the receiver, it seemed to grow louder with every ring. But Adil refuse to answer his desperate caller. It was either a call from an advertising company, offering him some small, insubstantial scheme, or it was his school. He had already mentioned to his school that he was leaving and being home schooled, so there wasn't any need to play host to their suspicions.

He removed the wire from the socket in the phone. It’s whining died immediately. He walked back to the broken table and began to mend to the best of his abilities, with duct tape and super glue. Once finished, he applied a bit of pressure to it, so as to make sure it seemed sturdy enough. He looked around the room with a cautious eye. He noticed his mother's laptop lying in the far corner of the room; he stared at it for a moment, and silently creeped up to it. He began to fiddle with the key board out of curiosity, and sure interest. He was taken slightly aback when the screen blinked into recovery. He winced slightly, and read the words on the screen. It seemed his mother had been on a program over the internet before her temper tantrum. It was written- "Talk to a stranger!”. The rest of the page was blank to Adil. Those were the only words that caught his attention.

His eyes glanced over the words again and again. It had been four months since he had communicated with anyone from the outside world, and could barely remember the names of his school mates. He felt a pang of loneliness pierce through him. He wanted a friend, he wanted someone he could talk to, and he needed someone who could mend the growing pain in his heart, the empty void of solitude. His hand shook slightly, as he took control of the mouse, and clicked on the bottom button to enter the chat room.

“Say hi!” was written at the top of the page. He looked over the words for a second, before sweeping his hand over the key board.

"Hi" He typed, while chewing his lip, as he waited  for a reply.


The End

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