The rain had subsided into a light drizzle and the rainbow had long since faded back into the blackness, but Adil still sat by his window, staring at the spot at which the rainbow had formed.

He jumped off the window sill and tentatively stepped outside his bedroom. His mother lay unconscious on the floor, thin, and pale. He gently lifted her thin frame off the floor. She looked like a child in his arms, like a frail little girl, scared and trembling with the fear and loneliness that painted this world. A veil of thin unkempt hair fell upon her haggard complexion, hiding the tears and sorrows, that flooded out of her heart. A picture fell from her hand. Adil stared at the man in the photograph, tall and muscular, with dark hair, dark eyes and lightly tanned skin, much like his own. A wave of anger penetrated through him as he crushed the picture beneath his foot, before walking onwards with the slim figure in his arms.

Adil laid his mother on her bed, and stroked the flicks of hair from her pale face. He turned to leave, but her stretched out hand clutched weakly to his shirt. Adil looked at the trembling hand, and held onto it.  "I won't leave you." He whispered in his mother's ear. "I won't betray you. I won't do what he did to us." He sat on the floor at his mother's bed-side and rested his head on her bed before drifting off into an uncomfortable sleep, still clutching onto her thin, weak hand. 


The End

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