Chapter One- Tears and Rain

Adil sat at his window sill, tracing the path of a single raindrop as it slowly trickled down the side of his window pane and fell onto the cobbled foot path below. He tilted his head high, watching the numerous drops fall from the vast sky. His eyes caught the sight of a sliver of colour, emerging from behind the darkness. Anxiously, he stared at the thin translucent rainbow growing over head.

The sound of shattering glass broke his concentration. A woman was yelling, screaming and crying in pain outside his bedroom door. His body froze and his hands shook as he crawled towards the door.

 Glass shards glittered on the marble tiling, chairs and tables stood overturned, photo frames and decorative painting has been smashed off the walls and hurled to the floor. A woman sat in the centre of the mess, kicking, flailing and screaming like a tormented animal. 

Adil closed his door and snapped the lock shut. He knew better then to try to help his mother during a temper tantrum. The bruises and scars on his body reminded him about his last futile attempt. He decided to wait till she was calm before cleaning the mess she left behind. By that time, the liquor would have drowned her out of consciousness and he would be able to make certain she hadn't hurt herself.

Tthe screams of his deranged mother were drowned out by the pitter-patter of the hard rain which formed a symphony with the stony foot path. He looked towards the sky at the fading rainbow. A smile encroached upon the sides of his lips, as a single tear rolled down his cheek and broke into a million shards as it hit the marble flooring.


The End

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