Life - new material!

After my meeting with Joe Franks (my agent), I went to see my psychiatrist again, don’t worry I’m not insane, I’m under court orders to see a psychiatrist for a weeks after my little run in with the police a couple weeks back. Got pulled over for a busted tail light and the boys in blue found my stash. If it weren’t for the fact we just had sex every time I went to see her, I think she could really help me solve my problems but do I really seem like the kind of guy who would pass up sex with a beautiful woman to talk about his emotions? After that mid afternoon sex therapy session I got to see my daughter, this isn’t something I take for granted since they left, even though I still regularly see them and persist in trying to flirt my way back into my ex’s heart, it’s not really the same. I took her for ice cream and we walked across the beach, the same way we used too when she was little, my little girls grown up into a 16 year old pain in the ass but she’ll always be my little girl.

The End

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