My name is Elizabeth Kate Fuchs.  A lot of kids make fun of my name.  My father carries the last name of my German ancestors.  Fuchs translates to Fox, just so you know.

We live in a small town, not the best in the area, but we get by.  It's a nice house, small, but it looks cozy.  It's not really, but it's supposed to be.  We used to live in a bad town, but we moved when I was around three.

I'm a little older than that, now.  

I'm smarter than the other kids in my class.  I stick out, thick glasses that look funny on my face.  My mom and dad have them too.

When I come home, I usually go to my room.  I read, and the only time I come out is when Mom wants me to fix her a drink.  Or Dad.  He thinks he's funny when he fixes dinner.  I don't eat meat, not here.  He likes to hunt, and come back with squirrel, rabbit, or deer, and tell me it's hamburger. 

One time, he shot a duck, and brought it home because it wasn't dead.  I talked to it, cleaned it, and fed it.  It stayed in the tub,for three days.  I loved that duck.  

In three days, it died.

I'm not focusing.  

I'm telling you this, because I had something happen to me.

I was molested.

The End

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