Chapter 2Mature


I hated the look of this school already, it seemed so "clean and pristine." It was more like my dads stately home in America than a high school. Well, I say high school, it's a school only for years 10 and 11 so I guess that was an upside. No snotty little brats to have to kick out of the way.

The only other upside to this god damn school was the babes. I'd seen at least 15 hot chicks and it wasn't even lesson 1. Best not to get involved. Sighing, I dragged my bag off the seat of my bike and headed towards administration.

As soon as I did so, a small, slim, red head fell into step beside me, obviously making an effort to keep up with my long legs. "Hi," she said, slightly breathlessly, it was sexy. "I'm Ruby."

"Harry," I said shortly. I didn't plan on staying very long, so it was best not to get attached to anyone here. Just keep myself to myself.

"So where are you from? I don't recognise your accent," I knew she wouldn't give up without a fight, she looked like she was one of the "it" girls, who never got turned down, ever.

"I'm from all over," I replied not wanting people to know too much about me and inviting them to pry into my personal life, "Mixed accent too."

"Oh, cool," she realised I could be stubborn to and started to turn before she got humiliated in front of everyone, "I guess I should be getting to class. See you later," and with a final air kiss on the cheek she left.

The End

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