Just expressing myself with words

I won't surrender, I don't mind regrets.

Through the tough times, I'll turn out the best.

Trying to find some peace, but my mind's a mess.

Running out of room, for stitches on my broken heart.

All of the blood that spills, I like to call that art.

Making the best of the worst, trying to find why it doesn't hurt.

Because I know very well that it should.

I've grown to be immune to pain, after all that I've been through.

It might look like a movie, but this right here is true.

I keep my head high, and my shoulders strong.

For these are the shoulders, that the world rests on.

To a cold life, I've fallen victim.

As a young man, I must carry on.

I have an option, and I decide to be strong.

I appreciate my life, as fucked up as it is.

I will make my point, by proving

It isn't ever time

To give in


The End

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