Life & Death

Enemies Life & Death were in an enternal battle for control of man kind. Tatinna, a young village girl was caught in the terrible conflict. Throught her unbearable injuries she gained a fantastic gift.

Life and Death hovered in opposite sides of the sky, prepared for battle. The man that they called Death, was completely hidden by his shadowy black cape, except for a large pair of burning anber eyes stared at the beauty of his enemy, Life. She wore an elegant white dress that had been crafted from clouds. Her long, blonde hair spiraled down her back and her piercing blue eyes shattered the sky.

Below, looking up on the battle, Tatianna stood. She heard grunts of effort and crys of pain. She knelt on the rough grass and prayed for the safety of Life, and for her own protection. Tatianna stood again and returned to watching the sky.

She saw a crackling ball of fire being created in Death hands. He throw it at Life with his awesome might and a sudden outburst of blinding light masked the midday sky. I heard an earpiercing scream. When the light vashished, Life couldn't be seen, or at least not in the sky. Tatianna glanced and saw Life lying wounded not five metres for her.

Tatianna ran towards her but tripped over a log. Death looked down and saw her trying to stand up. He created another ball of flames and dropped it. As it hit the ground, a shockwave of light was once agian hiding both the earth and the sky. When it dissapeared, Tatianna was lying on the ground, still.

The End

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