Lies to Heartache

Based on a true story:

16 year-old Claire is simply longing for adventure. She has everything going for her, her looks, her smarts, her family, is all close to perfect. But what happens when she begins to taste the life outside of her own? Will she become addicted?

"Yes, Mom," 16 year-old Claire Thompson called from the door of her two-story Victorian home, "Eleven o' clock curfew, got it!" And with that she slammed shut the mahogany front door. The crisp air was refreshing as it hit her face outside the door. The porch she was standing on was all white wood and very sturdy so when she jumped up and down in excitement like a five year-old, it held its own. 

Claire could barely contain her joy. This was the night she had been anxious for for weeks. Her best friend's sixteenth birthday party. Debbie and Claire were the best of friends, two girls who had known each other since preschool, had grown up together, had weathered all those years of cliques and immature fights, and still remained tight. 

Claire's mother had always approved of the close relationship, because her daughter's best friend was a straight A plus student, on high honor roll, played piano, french horn and all the woodwind instruments, and was basically an excellent role model for her own daughter.

Of course, Claire wasn't the only daughter of the large family. Her next oldest sister was Elizabeth (Liz), and was the sporty one of the family, participating in softball and volleyball, as well as having amazing grades. Liz was set to a promising future as an oncoming senior and no doubt being offered numerous scholarships to top schools.

Her last sister, Jamie, was into her second year of college at Penn State. She was a whiz at computer technology and received high marks through high school as well as college.

And last was her 11 year-old brother, Jeremy, who was, as the rest of her family, good in school and also spectacular in soccer.

So where was Claire? Where did she fit in this big picture? Well, grades were no biggie in her book, but she didn't do that bad. A's and B's were her forte. She used to be a ballerina. She used to play clarinet. So she had a background in the arts. Now she played tennis for the school. She wasn't the best or the crowning student, but she worked her hardest and no doubt won a couple of matches for her team. 

Claire's parents had always supported her, no matter what she wanted to do. They had granted her freedom and their full trust, and she had been grateful for that. The past summer had been perfect. She had repaid her parents by taking on more responsibilities around the house. She had been on her best behavior and had learned to control her frustration in healthy ways instead of kicking and screaming.

Also, she had seen her entire family. Her family was very, very large. She had three aunts and an uncle. Her family was obviously the largest, but she still had many cousins, whom she loved each and every one. Two aunts and her uncle lived somewhat close by, but her last aunt lived in another state away. Plus the other members of her close family lived in other states, so it was hard to get them all together. But she had seen them over the summer, and that was wonderful. 

Sometimes it was difficult to fit in with the rest of her family of genius's and sports stars, but she found her way. Claire loved to look her best, something her "perfect" sisters didn't fully appreciate. Makeup was her first priority in the morning when she woke up, and she was handsomely paid for her detication to the art. She caught the eye of almost every boy in her school when she walked down the hallway. Did this please her? Oh, yes. But was this all she wanted? No. She wanted more.

The End

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