The Darkest of Days (Eight Months Later)

"The time has come that I write this note. I, Queen Evelynia Lovelock of Emberonyia, Protector of the Vale, have decided that it is time that we go to war with my father. Yes, I am declaring war. These last eight months have been reasonably quiet, but ever since the incident with the Capitol Building, it has been on my mind that we finally take action against my father. Going to war is something I do not want to do, trust me. I as your Queen know what I am doing. There will be doubts. There will be times now that you may doubt that I am a respectable leader. Times will come were I have to make tough decisions. Stick with me, and please note that I know what I am doing. I have had council for this. With the Council of Valor in full speed, we finally have enough men and women that we can go to war with my father, and not have to worry about a defeat. But! I cannot stress to you the importance that no matter what, there is always room for a defeat. Even the greatest of armies have fallen before. I need you, as my people, to know that. I cannot tell you what will become of our city, but, if worse comes to worse, we will evacuate. This city is surrounded by mountains and there is a stronghold just south of here, through the mountains. This is my declaration of war. Whether you like it or not, this is going to happen, and we are all going to have to prepare ourselves, for the darkest of days. Signed, Queen of Emberonyia, Protector of the Vale, Queen Evelynia Lovelock."

Christina looked at me. "Are you sure? Are you sure this is what you want to do?" 

"Christina, I tell you now, I have never been so sure in my life. The only thing I fear is for my dear Lillian. She's only three weeks old you know." I say with confidence. 

"I will take this letter to Council tomorrow. You will be there, won't you?" Christina said to me, looking worried.

"I've been waiting for this day. I wouldn't miss it at all. Just remember, whatever happens from here on out, we all, as a united Kingdom, have to stick together. We all know that my life is now at stake. Remember that." I said handing Christina the letter.

"It's getting late Christina, I don't want to keep you any longer. Get some rest, tomorrow is going to be a long day." I say walking her out, then crawling into my bed.



I crawl out of bed and open up my curtains. I stand there at first, trying to figure out what's going on. That's when I realize what is going on. My Kingdom, is being attacked. I hear banging on my door and I jerk my head to the left. Slowly, I move towards the door and open it a crack. 

"Your majesty! You need to come with us!" One of them shouts at me. 

"Just a moment." I say in return, at least letting them know that I am okay.

I run over to my wardrobe and change into a green dress and take my crown with me. I didn't have time to wake up my husband before they escorted me out of my mansion. I take one last look around before I get shoved into my limo and watch the doors shut. When I get in, I see Christina, and she doesn't look happy. 

"We have a problem." She says to me.

"Really. I would have never guessed seeing that my city is being obliterated!" I say in an irritated tone. 

"There is a leak within the Council. And you'll never believe who it is." Christina said in a angry tone.

"Who is it?" I ask curiously. 

"Your brother." She said.

"But... I poisoned his wine! He was supposed to be dead!" I shout. 

"Yes, but his glass got switched with some poor soul who had to drink it and die." Christina said. 

"How did he find out about all this?" I ask astonished. 

"Simple, he sat in Council. And with all five councils meeting in the same chamber, he blended in easily. Next time, please just slit his throat or something." Christina said. "Now, I think it's best advised that we head for the secret meeting place. You know, not the Capitol Building." 

"Driver, to the old warehouse. Now!" I say.

"Never thought we would have to go there." Christina said sadly.

"Nobody did. But in all great Kingdoms, downfalls happen. This is one of them." I say, reassuring her.

We drive by smoldering buildings, burning buildings, and collapsed homes. My Kingdom, the one my mother and I raised, is falling apart. The sky burned with blazing orange and a blanket of black smoke. This was what ruling was. Not just sitting behind a desk and sitting on a throne, but doing things you weren't sure about. Watching your kingdom get destroyed, rebuilding from the ashes. There was a reason that the city was called Emberonyia, the City of Ashes. That was because in the end of the Great War, this city was rebuilt out of the ashes from its ruins. It has happened for years. Kingdoms rose, and kingdoms fell. That was ruling. Letting your kingdom grow, knowing that one day, it would fall. I look at Christina and say something that would change her life forever.

"Christina, I, as Queen of Emberonyia, appoint you to be the Queen regent. You will rule over this kingdom while I am away. You have the power and mental strength. Tell me, will you be the Queen regent?" 

"It would be my honor." 

The End

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