A Collapsing Government

When we arrive at the Capitol Building, I notice that the whole thing is barricaded. Something is going on in the city that they want to keep out. As I walk up the steps, someone makes the comment that I am a little overdressed for this. I simply replied, "I'm sorry that you think that way, but today was my wedding day. So I apologize if I seem a little overdressed." I meet Joseph, my personal secretary at the top of the steps leading into the Capitol Building. 

"Your grace." He said bowing.

"Walk with me. We have a lot to talk about." I reply.

"You seem troubled your grace." Joseph said looking at me funny.

"Stop calling me, 'your grace.' Only the common people have to call me that." I say irritated.

"Now, what is it we need to talk about?" Joseph said walking me to my Chamber.

"The Council of Darkness has started a small rebellion within the city. This means we have ran out of time and that my father is going to return to the city to take back his throne. The throne I took from him. This time, we can't hold a peace meeting. We are going to have to take out my father," I pause before finishing, "by force."

"You, you mean kill your father?" Joseph said shocked.

"Yes. We must kill him. But not just him, we must kill his army. Those that were not killed in the end after my father's death will be taken into custody and thrown into prison, to which the Privy Council will decide their fate. It is time that we stand against him! His reign is over and mine is just beginning. It is time he sees that I am not as weak and worthless as he always saw me as. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Council meeting." I say dismissing Joseph. 

I walk into the Chamber of Councils and every head is turned my way. I feel like they're all glaring at me, though in reality they're just simply looking at me. These are my people. The people that will stand next to me when all hell breaks loose. I walk up the steps and sit on my throne. I have someone pour me a glass of wine before I address the room.

"For those who have heard that our former king is not dead, I must sadly affirm that those rumors you may have heard," I pause taking a sip of wine, "are true. Lawrence is somewhere out there. He will wage war on us until the day we put a bullet in his brain. It is time that we act! The Council of Darkness has removed themselves from the issue because they still stand with our former leader. I propose that we rid the Kingdom of the Council of Darkness and in their removal, we place the Council of Valor." 

"And who will lead this Council?" A man asked.

"I know many of you may not like her, but she has come to be a good friend of mine, which is why I am appointing Christina Anarly head of the Council of Valor." I reply.

The room becomes a sea of roar and mumbling. I can easily tell some are pleased with this decision. Others, not so much. No matter what they think about her, they have to realize that she is the best choice. An hour goes by before they make their final decision.

"We, as the Privy Council stand at your side. Christina Anarly shall be the head of the Council of Valor. Now, the next question is; how do we rid the Kingdom of the Council of Darkness?" One of the men asked. 

"That is a very tricky thing to do, as you all can understand. We cannot simply just rid the Kingdom of the Council of Darkness. This is going to need planning. We sit on the verge of a war with my father and his Council. We are having Christina go in and have a meeting with Zeke. Zeke has always been a good friend. With the sudden death of my father, Zeke was appointed as head of the Council. Most likely Christina will make a deal and he and the Council of Darkness will leave this city. But trust me; this meeting will take more than a few hours. It will most likely take days. We just need to sit back and be patience once Christina starts to work her magic. But I can assure you damn well, that once she is done, the Council of Darkness will be gone and out of our hair forever." I say with confidence.

"And if Christina fails at this meeting and the Council decides to rebel against us inside the Kingdom?" A member asked.

"Then we do what has to be done. We go to war with the Council and then go after my father. The Council will listen to him for only so long. As we know, my father only has so much he can offer them. Material items only last for so long. He can buy them," I pause taking another sip of wine, "but he can only buy them for a short period of time. They will remember who their true ruler is, even if I have to personally put a bullet in Zeke's brain." I say sitting back in my throne.

"But you just said that Zeke was a good friend of yours. Killing him would go against everything you stand for. Zeke is innocent! It's not his fault this falls on him during this time of hell. He didn't ask for your father to try to kill you then supposedly die and now come back. I can't sit here and let you do this! You are a leader! Not a damnable tyrant!" Steven shouted at me.

"Then leave! I never asked for you to sit here and go along with everything little thing I say! But I'll be damned if you are going to call me a tyrant! The whole Council is guilty. As long as they stand by my father, they will be traitors to the Kingdom. Steven, I need you to understand that!" I shout at him. 

"I can't believe you! Maybe they would like you if you weren't such a b****! Maybe we would be so much farther ahead if you weren't always worrying about things! You act just like your father!" Steven screamed at me.

"EVERYONE OUT!" I yell across the entire Chamber. "Except you Steven. Lillian, shut the doors on your way out. Thank you." I say as I rise. 

"You... Your Grace. I... I didn't mean... It's ju-" 

"Enough! Sit down!" I shout at Steven. 

"I didn't mean to offend you. Not at all. It's just... after all that's happen lately, I am quite scared for this nation. Your father is building an army and he has an entire Council to back him up." Steven said.

"I will tell you right now that this nation will prevail! But for you to call me a b**** in front of everyone and to call me a tyrant! I want you out of this chamber! Don't bother on coming back tomorrow. In fact, I want you out of my city. Join my father's army for all I care. But you are done. The Kingdom of Emberonyia does not need people like you. I'm sure there is someone willing and happy to take your spot. These job offers only come once," I pause smiling, "and it appears, you just lost yours. Goodbye Steven. Don't ever come back. It would only be advisable if you were to flee far away from here. But where ever you go, I want you to remember that my wrath will always follow you. In this nation, in this time, no matter where you go, you will never be safe as long as I sit upon that throne!" I finish handing him a box. "Get your stuff and get out." 

I leave the Chambers and when I open the door, all of the Privy Council were waiting outside. I couldn't help but smile. "Council is dismissed. We will meet tomorrow morning to start planning on how we are going to have Christina extract the Council of Darkness from The Kingdom. And what we are to do if the negotiation fails. Enjoy the rest of your day. I'll see you all tomorrow." I say walking out of the Wing of Councils and to my limo.

The End

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