A Secret Meeting

As we walked down the aisle, smiling and waving at people, I saw Christina motion for me. When we reached the doors, Christina was there waiting for us. Her facial expression did not look good. Fear began to set in. She looked up at us and shook her head. 

"This isn't good." She told us.

"What isn't?" I asked her. 

"Rumor has it that your father is building up an army. Not just any regular army either. An army of people that stand firm on their belief that the Kingdom is stealing their everyday values and rights. Your father is brainwashing people. People that still look up to him. We need to get to the Capitol Building, now!" She said sounding worried.

"What of the Council of Darkness?" I asked.

"They are removing themselves from the issue. They side with your father. I give it three days max before a small war starts inside the Kingdom. Eventually, the war will spread outside our walls. It will be the Second Great War. We stand in a tough situation. Both ways it will wage war on one side or the other." Christina whispered to me so the people in the foyer wouldn't hear.

"I have no choice. We must exile the Council of Darkness from the Kingdom before anything can happen. It is time that we get rid of them. In turn, we will replace them with the Council of Valor. Those that wish to stand with the Kingdom will serve under the Council." I reply.

"And who is to lead the new Council?" Christina asked me looking unsure of this idea.

"You." I reply. "You have the boldness and determination that can lead the people to serve under my rule." 

Christina looked at me, dumbfounded. "Are... are you sure? You want me to rule a Council." 

"This is an order given directly from the Queen. You know you must fulfill it." I reply. "Now, we must hurry and get to the Capitol Building." 

As we walk outside, I see smoke. Fire. Someone has set something on fire. Thomas nudges me and whispers that he hear gunshots too. This is it.  This is the turn of the era. This is the time that I have to take hold of the reins and guide my people to take down my father. I am Queen Evelynia Lovelock, Protector of the Vale, and Watcher of the Realm. I am the ruler that has replaced my father. He has not a single penny to back him up. I will turn the tide of his so called "war" and show him that I am a strong and independent ruler! This is our time. This is the time of my people.

The End

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