The Issue at Hand

My father, not dead? That's absurd. I looked into his eyes when he fell from that room. That man had to be my father! Thoughts raced through my mind as I got into my limo. I was off to Christina's manor in the far east side of the Kingdom. Today is the day we begin to draft our plan to rebuild this nation. When I look out the back window, all I can remember was seeing the mansion being shot up and blood shed. Today, it looked perfectly normal despite the reconstruction going on out front and inside. The Capitol Building fire had finally been put out. A majority of it was in ruins, but the Chamber of Councils still stood. For now, that's all I need. The Kingdom is mine by right and I won't let my dead father take it away from me! I am Evelyn Lovelock, Queen of Crystalvale and Head of the Privy Council. I need to be the strong leader my people need me to be. Nothing will take me down. If the Kingdom falls, I fall with it. If it is war my father wants. I will see it that the army finds him! 

As the limo serves in and out of traffic on the interstate, I see a lot of reconstruction going on after Tuesday's epidemic. From my window, I can see Anarly Manor. When we arrive, one of Christina's men come out to greet me and open my door. 

"Good morning m'Queen. Welcome to Anarly Manor, home of the Anarly's." The man says to me as he escorts me into the manor. When I walk in, Christina is at the top of the staircase smiling. 

"Hello Evelyn, I have some bad news for you. Follow me." Christina said.


"Your father isn't dead." Christina said to me.

"I know." I replied.

"How did you find out?" She asked me.

"My mother had heard rumors that the man you shot was a decoy. My father is obviously smarter and wittier than he appears. God, I should have known. I lived with him for years! I should have known all of his tricks by now." I pause for  a moment and then continue, "Do you know where he is?" I finish.

"Last time he was seen was when he left the city. The Kingdom is in imminent danger. We now risk fighting a war that will destroy both our government and the Kingdom. My only advice now is to shut the gates. Cut the city off from the rest of the nation. We will build up our walls and reinforce the gates. We have much to do. I already have the first proposal drafted. I just need you to read it and approve it." Christina said handing me the paper.

"I write this document under dangerous circumstances. Our fearless, ruthless, yet dark and evil ruler, Lawrence Lovelock was seen leaving the city at seven forty-eight this morning. As with his 'death' the Kingdom is now in the face of yet another war or rebellion. I don't think this time we could handle it. I fear that this nation is coming to an end if we don't start now to prevent this. The Queen and I are working on multiple ways to attempt to fix the issue at hand. The first proposal is to reinforce our gates and build up our walls. I understand that our gates are strong as it is and our walls are quite high, everything was meant to break at a certain time. I only hope all of you can feel the same way and see that our wonderful nation of Crystalvale otherwise known as The Vale does not fall back into the hands of the wretched ruler. Signed, Christina Anderson Anarly." 

I was speechless. I never knew that Christina had that much political sense in her to write such an amazing proposal. All it needed now was my approval. 

"I will see to it that this has my seal and is discussed at the first meeting after the reconstruction of our Capitol Building. It will be on top priority. The Kingdom faced this once before and survived, by God this Kingdom can survive it again. Within two months time, my father will fall and the Kingdom and the rest of The Vale can finally rest at ease." I reply smiling. 

"It will be a pleasure to work with you, your Majesty." Christina said as she bowed before me. "I will always be at your side. Now we must convince the other Three. It won't be as easy, I can assure you of that."

The End

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