The Signing of a Nation

As my mother and I walk down the grand staircase, talking about political issues, we heard a screech on our masoned court. "What the hell was that?" My mother said as she ran down the stariway. "Mother, please. It is best you stay by me!" I shout grabbing my mother's shoulder.

A woman in a long coat and sunglasses comes storming in. The signature blonde hair gives her away; Christina has come to pay us a visit! "Well, well, well. I guess it's true! I just couldn't believe it. Mother and daughter, side by side once again! This is quite fascinating. When will the press know?" 

My mother glared at her for quite some time. The room was silent until I finally broke the silence. "Christina, the Kingdom is in turmoil now. It is only best and advisable that we, as the five families that were brought to create this wonderful nation come together and try to fix it. If you agree to this, I will make sure that no one finds out you were the reason my father died. All you have to do is follow me to my office and sign the paper." 

Christina stared at me for a few seconds, then finally said, "Fine. If it keeps the Anarly name clean, I will sign this damned paper." 

I smiled. "That's what I thought. Now, if you'll follow me please." When Christina and I start up the stairs, my mother starts to follow. I shoo her away. What was about to be done inside this office could only be known by Christina and I. As much as I love my mother, the Kingdom can't afford any leaks at this moment in time. I open the door and we go into my office. 

"Strange. This office now has a... different feeling to it. Now, where is this paper?" Christina says looking around the office. 

"Here." I say handing her the paper. 

Christina snatches the paper out of my hand. I watch her as her eyes scan the paper. I can't help but notice her smile. Finally, I see her go over to my desk and sign her name, 'Christina Anderson Anarly.' Before she became one of the 'Governors' she worked as my mother's errand runner, before she married Thomas Anarly. Christina still didn't know how to control power. But I respect her for her determination. 

"I only hope this document works. If not, the Kingdom is to surely fall. The Five are going to leave soon if things don't get better. It will be up to you and your soon to be husband. Even your mother will leave. I will stay back with you if all else fails. I know you hate me, I even hate myself sometimes, but right now, like you said, we need to come together if we are going to rebuild this nation. In two weeks, we are going to have to present this proposal to the Privy. I only hope they see you as the leader you are. I will be seeing you at your wedding in a week. For now, we have some planning and hard work to do. Goodbye Evelyn." Christina said as she walked out of my office. 

As Christina walked out, my mother walked in. "What the hell was that all about? Are you siding with that b****? Are you going to defile everything we Lovelocks stand for? How could you, my daughter want to defile everything I worked for?" My mother yelled at me.

"Mother. I need you to listen to me. Our government is failing. Within a two months time, this land will be in another great war. The Five will fall. Us included! Don't just think because we are high and mighty doesn't mean we still aren't part of the Five. Christina is helping us! I need you to understand that. She no longer poses as a threat to us. Father was evil. She did what had to be done. So mother, will you sign the paper and help us rebuild this nation. Rebuild your nation. The one you worked so hard on raising. I don't want you to die seeing your kingdom fall into distress and collapse under pressure. Please sign the paper!" I say nearing a yell and on the verge of tears.

"Stop calling it me kingdom. As of three weeks ago, this kingdom is yours. It is yours by right. I will sign the document and help see that this nation is brought back to the glory it has always been. I feared the worst when I knew your father was the only one in charge. I will stand by your side when the time comes to fight off your fathers remaining followers. But first... I must warn you that there has been rumors that Lawrence isn't truly dead. In fact, it's rumored that the man that was found at the foot of the stairs leading into our mansion was a decoy. Your father is still out there. And as long as he's out there, we will be at war." My mother said as she signed the paper and left my office.

The End

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