After all that happened, I needed that good nights rest. When I get out of bed, I put on a white suit jacket and skirt that Elizabeth had laid out for me. Next to the suit and skirt was a white pair of heels. I slip those on and close my door. I head off for my quarters. As I turn down the hallway, I see that they have roped off all of the hallway leading to my father's quarters. I can still here the screaming from last night. The dead bodies, the burning Capitol building, the vile tone of Christina Anarly, her dead son falling down my stairs. I grip the railing on the balcony. Steady. I breath in. You can do this. I breath out. I will lead this nation where it needs to go. 

"Good morning m'lady." One of my guards says as I extend my hand.

"Good morning." I say as I nod and walk into my chamber. 

Everything is in perfect position and behind the desk is a rather nice looking leather chair. I sit down and nod for the guard to shut my door. I grab the pen and begin to write, "It is in deepest regret that I must write that my father, Lawrence Andrew Lovelock died last night. I will do all I can in my power to lead this nation in the direction that is needed. I will be seeking out the help of the Privy Council and the Council of Light to help me with what must be carried out. The other four families that help make decisions in session will be needed for a meeting in my chambers in Lovelock Manor three days after my father's funeral. But this does not mean we will stop for a moment. No, our government shall continue moving along. We cannot sit idle for to long. I hope that you all will bear with me through these next few, tough months. Evelyn Lovelock." 

I seal the letter and give it to Geoffrey. "Give this to Brigitte. I have to make an announcement soon." 

Geoffrey nods and walks out of the room like a phantom. I grab another piece of paper and begin to write again. I take a pause and sip on a glass of wine, then continue writing. As I am midway into my speech that I will have to give, I hear a knock on my door. "Come in." It's Carter, my butler and limo driver. "Your Majesty, someone is here to see you." I lean forward, placing my pen on the right of the speech. "Who?" I ask in a almost irritated tone. "Does the name, Constantine Lovelock ring a bell?" 

Constantine Lovelock, otherwise known as Mummy. "My mother has stopped in? How... delightful. Tell her I'll be down in a few moments. I need to finish up my speech." I say waving Carter out. With my father gone, I have to take a more powerful figure. I can no longer stay in shadows. I grab my pen and finally write the last line, "It is time that we stand for what is right, and that is to take down the Council of Darkness!" I underline that line, heavily. 

I place the speech neatly in a folder and sit the folder on my desk as I swiftly leave my office. I walk down the hallway, almost in a rage. Yes, everybody believed that she was... "ill", but no, she left us. More like she left me with Lucas and father. Personally, I don't know how I am going to react. When I reach the grand staircase, I see her. She places her hand on her chest and I can see her other wiping a tear from her face. She always wore this little gloves. It's a rich person thing. "My beautiful daughter. How wonderful it is to see you." She says to me extending her hand as I walk down the staircase, practically gripping the railing. 

"Mother, so nice of you to consider stopping by. Was life in Emily getting to hard for you? Or did you miss your real child. You know, Emberonyia." I say in a vile tone, almost spitting out the last word. 

"Evelyn, I am so sorry. I left because I had to. Not because I wanted to. Do you really think I wanted to leave you with a brother from hell and a father who clearly didn't know what the hell he was doing?" She says in a sympathetic tone.

"Clearly you haven't heard yet have you?" I say placing my hand on my heart, taking a deep breath in. 

"Heard what?" She said looking deep into my eyes. 


"What do you mean he's dead?!" She shouted.

"It means exactly as I just said. Christina Anarly threw a knife at him and he fell out of a window." I say trying to calm her down. Obviously it's not working. 

"Christina Anarly? She's still alive? I'm surprised that no one has tried to behead her yet." My mother says laughing.

"Mother!" I say in an irritated tone. 

I can't help but stare at her. She hasn't aged a bit. Her short blonde hair in its usual wavy tone. Her little white cap slightly tilted to the left. Her broach on her left shoulder of her suit jacket. My mother, the previous leader of Crystalvale, sitting now before me. Even I can't help but feel... honored. 

"Well, I mean of course she is one of the five families. But we know she clearly sides with... them." Them meaning of course the Council of Darkness. As usual, my mother has me beat. 

"What is it you exactly want me to do?" I ask in a cautious tone. 

"Get rid of her. Use any method, but by god get her out of my city! We Lovelocks worked hard for this city. Appointing the Anarly's was a very big mistake. But as the new Queen, you can change that. I'm not asking for you to start a war or murder her. But if that is the last choice possible, I stand behind you fully." My mother says wiping a tear from her eye.

"It is a pleasure to have you back... Lady Lovelock. I will be seeing you at the Privy Council meeting tomorrow correct?" I say in a gracious tone. My mother hadn't been called "Lady Lovelock" since she was the head of the Privy Council. 

"It would be my honor to stand at my daughter's side as I watch her steer this nation in a better direction. Into a new era. Into the Evelnyia Era!" She said in a majestic tone as she shook my hand. A gesture only used between royals. 

The End

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