Father Knows Best

"You dare pull a gun on me?" My father yells. I shoot the wall behind him. 

"Are you scared of your daughter? Well you shouldn't be. I'm not going to kill you, oh no. I have much bigger plans for you." I say smirking. The doors to the mansion fly open and I see Thomas, but behind him is an officer with a gun. "Thomas..." I look at my father. "You wouldn't! If you hurt him I will kill you!" I shout in anger. Something overcomes me. A type of power. Strength. I charge at the guard, knocking him over, freeing Thomas. "Run!" I yell. 

"Not without you." He says grabbing my hands as I kick the guard in the face. 

We run up the staircase. "What the hell were you thinking?" I shout as we kiss each other. 

"I just couldn't leave without you. I wouldn't be able to bear it if you died." Thomas said to me looking me straight in the eyes. 

"Listen, we need to exile my father. Then, we can shut the gates." I say as I shoot a guard that was charging after me. 

I hear a bang and feel a brief gust of wind. Someone just tried to shoot me. I pull the trigger and hear a grunt. A body falls and crashes on the floor. "What a shame. I liked him. Good guard he was." I shake my head as we make our way to my father's quarters. As we run down a hallway, I see a woman with long blonde hair, it's my maid; Elizabeth. Only, she's not cleaning, she's beating someone. 

"Elizabeth?!" I shout. She looks back at me, her eyes are red. "Evelyn!" She runs towards meas she stabbed a guard in the heart. "Sorry you had to see that." She hugs me. I never knew my maid could be this cool. "We're heading to my father's quarters, want to tag along? I mean, we could very well use you. Thomas and I can't fight them all off." I say smiling. Elizabeth puts her hair in a ponytail. She looks at me and finally says, "Of course! It would be my honor." 

Elizabeth grabs her knife and we run up more flights of stairs. As we run up the stairs, Elizabeth stops and says, "Was the chandelier always that big?" I laugh, "Of course. It is the Lovelock Family. Royals always mean rather large chandeliers." I look over shoulder and see a member of the Council of Darkness charging after us. Elizabeth starts off for him, but I pull her back. "Let me do this one." I cock the gun and shoot the man right in the head. As the man falls back, I notice that he was one of the five leaders of the Council of Darkness. 

"Damn Evelyn. I didn't know you could shoot." Elizabeth says in awe.

"Yeah... I kind of had to learn it last second." I can't take my eyes off of him. He looks so familiar. I finally realize who he was. He was Stephen Anarly. Stephen belonged to one of the five families that run this nation. His mother, Christina Anarly, is the head of the Council of Darkness. Not a big surprise he would have a leadership position. But now he's dead, and that's all that matters. Finally, I feel Thomas grab my shoulder and say, "Come on. We have to keep moving." I do it reluctantly. 

Finally we reach my father's wing. The hallway seems so long, knowing that I have to fight my father. The hallway is dead empty. Odd. "I don't like this" Elizabeth said, her hand on one of her holsters. We slowly walk forward. Thomas looks over at me, he looks terrified. "Here, take this." I say handing him a knife. "You expect me to... to use this?!" I just nod. I hear a bang, a shatter. Someone just shot the statue behind me. I look over at Elizabeth and notice that she's whipped out both of her guns. She starts running down the long hallway and does a cartwheel, and in the process, she was shooting in all different directions. People slouch from the wall and fall over dead. "Camouflage, nice. But my father would have never thought of such a thing." I look up in shock realizing that my father is innocent. "Christina!" 

"Christina?" Elizabeth says looking at me funny. 

"Christina Anarly. She's staged the whole damn thing! My father is the mediator. She tells him to do it, he does it." I feel my face get hot. We reach the door and I hear a voice. But it's not my father's... Christina. 

"I don't see why you don't want her dead. She is embarrassing the Lovelock family name." 

"Christina, I understand where you are coming from, but she is a very valuable item... if we go through with it."

With what?

"Understandable Lawrence. But I am the head of the Council, not you. Remember that. I want her in captivity by tomorrow, understand?" Her tone is becoming more acidic and vile now. 

"You're asking me to kill my own daughter! I am a bad man, but I cannot do that. I'm sorry, but Evelyn can stop this whole thing. I want you to understand that."  

"Lawrence, you make my job so difficult... why must you do that? Remember that I am an Anarly. I am one of the five families. So I have a say in this too."

My father chuckles and then proceeds, "Indeed you are. But I am a Lovelock. The Lovelock family founded this city. Not you.  We appointed you to help run this land. Clearly that was a mistake, even if it was made over a century ago." 

I hear a gun click, "That" she pauses for a few seconds, "was your last mistake. Goodbye Lawrence."

I kick the door open and Christina points the gun at me. "I see I didn't have to go very far to find you. I have never been a fan of hard work anyways. I thank you for making my job easier."

"Christina, Christina, Christina. You gun is filled with blanks. You could never truly kill me. We both know that I am too valuable to you alive. By the way, you're son, Stephen I believe his name was..." I stop mid-sentence trying not to laugh, "is dead. I shot him in the head." Christina puts her gun away and steps to the corner of the room. 

"Evelyn... how did you know?" My father asks quietly. 

"I tend to overhear things through doors." I say quietly. 

Just as I help him up, he pushes me into his desk. I spin in the air after he pushed me and landed on my feet. "And I thought you wanted me alive?" I say laughing. 

"How did I know you weren't going to kill me?" He says as he pats my shoulder. As I turn around, I notice that Christina has her gun pointed at us. But when she shoots it, it shatters the huge window behind us. 

"This is for your own good Lawrence." Christina said as she started to walk towards us. "Father and daughter finally to die together. You really do make my life easy. And I thank you, but now, you must say goodbye." She said in a vile tone. 

I notice Elizabeth creeping up behind Christina. Finally, she places her knife around Christina's dark skinned neck. "Shoot her, I'll kill you." I notice that Christina twitches. I spot it. She has a knife in her dark leather belt. "Elizabeth, she's got a knife!" But it's too late. Christina hit Elizabeth in the face and threw the knife at my father. 

"Dad!" I shouted. I hadn't called him "dad" in ages. He stumbled backwards and tripped over the back of the window. I caught him.

"Please. Just let go of me. I beg of you. Just let me die." He looks at me in the eyes and I nod. "Okay. If it's what you want." I say holding back all my emotions. I place my heel on his chest and give a light push and I watch him as he falls and crashes on the pavement.

"Well, well, well. You're stronger than I imagined. This will be... our little secret. For now." Christina says as she storms out of the room.  

The End

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