A Mysterious Fire

I see people getting out of their vehicles and running. Their screams are like nails on a chalkboard. I open the limo door and look around. The sky has turned a majestic orange and I smell smoke. When I turn around, my jaw hits the ground. "I'll be god damned." The Capitol Building is in flames. 

"What is it?" Thomas asks as he gets out. 

I am at a loss for words and I just point. "Look," is all that I can say. 

This land was supposed to be peaceful, full of tranquility. Someone, or something wants to destroy it. From where we were, we could hear the screams of those that were still in that part of the building. Another explosion, but this isn't a bomb explosion, it's a gunshot explosion. 

"Oh my god! Veronica!" A woman screams. I look around and see a woman hovering over a women in a light blue dress. I run over and try to help the woman, but it's too late. I hear a click and feel cold metal against my face. "Get up lady!" The man forces me up. He takes one glance at my face and automatically drops the gun. "I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't know, it's ju-" I punch him in the face and grab his gun. As I go back to my limo, an officer pushes me back and tells me I can't go any further. 

"Listen, I don't care if you're the Queen. You can't go back!" 

"That is my limo! I need to get to the mansion, now move!" I yell at him. He grabs my shoulder, his finger nails digging into my skin. "Urgh! Let go of me!" I scream in protest. 

"You will not go back there! By the orders of the King!" The officer shouts at me. 

"The King? Oh no, he doesn't have power anymore. You are mistaken. We suspended his powers. So I'll be go-" He slaps me across the face. The slap stings and I cock the gun. "Never slap me again!" I shout as I pull the trigger. This is now war. My father will fall! 

I run back to the limo. "Drive! Now!" 

"Yes ma'am." The driver says as he floors it. 

"What's going on?" Thomas asks me, his bottom lip trembling. 

"Someone as you know, firebombed part of the Capitol building. My father is doing what ever plan he and the Council of Darkness had planned. It's his final plan. He is going to stop at nothing. When we get back to the mansion, be prepared." I say trying to comfort him. 

As we zoom by building, we see a number of people being shot and buildings being burned to the ground. My father is going to try to leave me with nothing. I see the mansion. It seems like that's the only building that has been left untouched. I hear a shout and then a bang. The limo swerved vigorously. We were being shot at. Clearly my father did not want me in. "Floor it dammit! This limo is armored." I shout to the driver.

"The gates are closed your majesty!" The driver shouts back at me over all the commotion. 

"Drive through them!" I yell looking at Thomas. "Brace yourself." 

The limo crashes straight through the metal gates. My head smacked against a window. "Ow!" The limo comes to a stop and I see hundreds of my fathers men. "Let her through." I hear one of the men shout. They rip open my door and practically drag me into the mansion. When I hear the doors shut, I look in front of me, and standing at the top of the grand staircase was my father.

"Welcome home Evelyn. I hope you found your little gift. You know, destroying the Chamber of Councils. Making you watch all those poor people die. It's all for the best. I hope you know that. Maybe now you will re-instate my powers." 

"Go to hell!" I say as I whip out the gun and shoot the guard in the arm. 

The End

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