The Final Decision

As Thomas and I reach the Grand Chamber, I let Thomas go in, but pull aside a guard. "Listen, I do not want my father inside this chamber while we are planning on how to overthrow him. I put my trust in you good sir." I say slipping him forty dollars. The guard nods and opens the door for me.

"Good morning Evelyn." I hear someone say and I wave in the general direction of the voice. 

I take my seat at the head table with the other leaders of the councils. I pour myself a glass of wine and pull out a cigarette. The cigarettes are not harmful, unless you don't live in the Kingdom. I light a match and light the cigarette. I inhale and then exhale a ring of smoke.

"Well, we know why we are all here." I say addressing the crowd.

The whole crowd nods and agrees in short breaths. I sip on my wine as Brigitte stands and says, "Lawrence," she pauses, "has been inciting rebellions. None of the villages we have destroyed did anything. So it is time that we come to a conclusion on what should happen to Lawrence. The Privy Council has moved that Evelyn's wedding should be two weeks from today in order to overthrow him. But that stills gives him enough time to try something. He could probably cause a war... only knowing Lawrence."

I nod in agreement as I puff out another ring of smoke. I notice one of the head members of the Council of Peace raising his hand. "Yes Anthony." I say as he stands up.

"Well, I find it only necessary that while waiting the two weeks for your wedding that we at least suspend his powers. Of course, it is your decision." I nod in agreement as I smile at the thought of father being powerless.

"I find that a grand idea. All in favor?" I say.

The crowd smiles and nods there heads. "So it has been decided. Lawrence's powers to the Kingdom have been suspended. Now, for a direct voting on whether or not we sho-"

A guard bursts through the door and I glare at him, "Your Majesty... your father has... shot a man! We're bringing him in right now." I smash my cigarette into the ash tray and grab my glass of wine vigourously.

I slowly stand up, I can feel the heat running through my body. Finally, in a dark tone I yell, "Let me see him, NOW!" Once I yell, I see people go rigid. The guards bring him in, handcuffs around his wrists.

"Evelyn, I am so sorry. I didn't mean for the man to die. It's just... well... yo-"

"SHUT UP!" I yell at the top of my lungs. "Just shut up and cut the crap! You have no powers anymore, so you might as well realize that your life, is now going to become a real bad living hell! Take him back to his quarters in the mansion." I say waving the guards out. 

As I watch my father get drug out of the Grand Chamber, he whips out his gun and shoots the guard.

"Oh my god!" I yell as he points it at on of the council members.

"I warned you! I really did! Now, the people you love and work with, will be killed off... one by one." He says as I hear him click the bullet into place.

I think fast. I look to the left and find a letter opener. I quickly grab it and throw it at him. "Gah!" Bullseye, right in the arm. 

"Take him away! Tie him to a chair if you have to. Confine him to his quarters in the mansion." I say, feeling a wet tear roll down my cheeks. I stand up, trying to calm the crowd after that unfortunate event. "Now, I understand we are all in shock after what just happened, but that does not mean we can stay in fear. Now for the final voting, all in favor of moving my wedding to two weeks from today, please signify by saying I." The entire room is in an uproar with delight. "All opposed?" Silence. "Well then, it has been decided. My wedding will take place two weeks from today. Thank you for your patience in today's meeting." I smack the gavel on the table adjourning the meeting for the day. 

Brigitte comes up to me hugging me, "You did it. I'm so proud of you!" 

"Yeah," I say, "but let's hope I can go through with what is to come." 

The End

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