What Must Be Done

I pound the gavel on the wooden block to dismiss session. As I get up from my chair, Brigitte Sinclair, head of the Council of Light came in. She asked me if she could have a moment with me. Of course, I said sure.

"Well, news sure does travel fast." She said to me smiling.

"Well, if he is inciting the rebellions, I have no other choice. As I know you and your Council most likely will agree with this whole thing." I say, glad to know at least someone from a different Council agreed with my actions.

"Listen, between me and you, I support this fully. It is really brave of you to stand up to your father like that. You have a strong backbone and we need someone like you to run this nation. You have the Council of Light's full support. We will help you in anyway needed." She said as she gave me a hug and left the room.

I look and see Lucas standing in the entryway of the Chamber of Councils. I really don't know how he got back in, but I could care less. Lucas glared at Brigitte until she finally left the room and walked over to me with rage in his face.

"Hope you're happy! But you really don't know what you just did, do you?" He says to me and I try to hold back the urge to spit in his face and kick him where it hurts. 

"I don't see what all the fuss is about. If he is doing a crime, I am just doing my duties. But if this is because you are a daddy's boy... then you're more pathetic than I thought. The entire Privy Council agrees with this doing and so does the Council of Light. In twenty minutes, we will be meeting in the Grand Chamber and we will bring up the matter in front of everyone. In two weeks... You and father will be disowned from the Lovelock family. No power, no royalty, you'll leave with nothing. Remember that. You have two weeks. Enjoy it while you can." I say as I leave the chambers, leaving Lucas in awe. 

"But... you can't just do this! It's inhu-" 

I heard footsteps running toward me. I look over my shoulder and see that Thomas. 

"That's taken care of." He says laughing.

"Did you... did you knock him out?" I say in shock, trying not to snicker. I have to be serious.

"Yeah. Was I not supposed to?" He says still laughing. 

"Normally I would be mad, but under those circumstances... That was brilliant!" I say laughing as I look at Lucas' knocked out body.

In twenty minutes, the fateful decision will be made. It will turn this nation upside down. I breathe in and then exhale as Thomas grabs my hand and we walk out of the chambers and onto the Grand Chamber. He looks over at me and says, "You can do this. I can feel it. You'll be fine, I mean... you already have the whole Council of Light on your side." And as we leave the chambers, we embrace and just stand there, at least I know Thomas sides with me too. I can't help but smile and let the fear flow out of my body. I can do this. 

The End

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