The Chamber of Councils Part II

The limo comes to a screeching halt. In front of us is the largest building in all the Kingdom; The Capitol Building. This is the building that holds all five Councils and the Grand Chamber, which is where we all will meet after our normal sessions. I look over at Thomas's face and tried to hold back my laugh.

"What's so funny hm?" He asked me as I burst into laughter. 

"If only you could see your own face." I say as I grab my gut. 

He continues to glare at me as a man in a dark suit comes over and opens my door. I extend my hand, the man kisses it, then helps me out of the limo. Again, Thomas is glaring because he had to open his own door. 

As we walk up the steps he looks over and asked, "Why do you get special treatment? I mean after all, I am the King... to be."

I look over and try not to laugh again and reply, "Darling, the engagement hasn't been announced yet. Once it is, you will get all the special treatment that I do. Now, put on your serious face and for gods sake, act like you know everything about politics."

"But... I know nothing about your government." He says biting his lower lip.

"Don't worry. We're taking the stairs. It'll give me enough time to explain everything." I reply as we reach the two double doors. 

"Ready?" I ask as I put both my hand on his left hand. "You'll be fine. I promise." I kiss him on the cheek. 

The doormen open the doors and I just stare at the angelic appeal of the place. As we pass each corridor leading to the grand staircase the guards salute and everyone stops in the hallway and bows. When we reach the staircase, one man asked if he could escort me. In this place, I am the all powerful. In this place, I shall finally do as it was said in the Book of Law. 

"Now, in the end of the old age, Crystalvale had risen from ashes. The great war had just ended and the whole country was in distress. Five men and women, sought to find peace and power within this nation. Solona, Guardian of the Light, had created the Council of Light. Aeglaeca, Servant of Darkness had then created the Council of Darkness. Aquene was the Keeper of Peace, thus creating the Council of Peace. Ragnar was the Seeker of Judgement and had created the Council of Judgement. Finally Kendra. She was the Queen back then. She was also the Guardian of Power. Kendra created the fifth and final Council; The Privy Council." I said as we climbed the stairs, almost to the Chamber of Councils.

"I didn't know this place had so much... history." Thomas said to me looking shocked.

"Well, Crystalvale wasn't always the land of dreams. And even in todays times, it still isn't in my eyes. Now, here we are. Just remember everything I told y0u, okay. And listen, it's fine to be nervous. They will understand. You're new to the whole Council thing. I know they'll love you." I say smiling at him. 

The two doormen open the double doors and I walk into the Chamber of Councils. Everyone stands, bows, gives the salute, and then applauds. I walk up the steps leading to my desk. The head desk. When I finally sit down, the applauding stops. The rustle of people getting situated in their chairs and opening their books is music to my ears.

"Good morning." I say, addressing the whole crowd. 

"Good morning." The whole crowd said in unison. 

"Is there anything that needs to be discussed today besides the normal business?" I say. I glance over and see a man stand up. "Yes councilman?"

"There is news that the... rebellions have been started by," the man looks down at his feet. During his pause I sip on a glass of wine. "Your father."

The news hits me like a train. The crystal I was drinking from crashed onto the floor. I slowly stand up with my hand on my mouth. The only word I can muster out is, "Impossible." 

"I'm sorry your majesty. But we must take matters into consideration. We must begin to plan for any possible scenario." The man says and he starts to tremble in his speech. 

"Well then. I do have an idea." I say as I scan the crowd. Then I see it. The long black hair of my brother. I now have to choose my words carefully. I take in a breath and start.

"My idea is that instead of waiting four months like tradition, we move the wedding to two weeks from today. I fear that if we keep the four month tradition, any plan my father has, he will be able to carry out. So once I am married, Thomas and I can immediately move to remove all powers my father has the title to. As we all know, my father was exiled from the Privy Council for abusing the powers of it, and in the Council of Darkness... he can basically do everything he wants to and they all turn a blind eye. So I her-" 

"Are you really going to believe this bull****?! I mean really! He is our father! Are you really as stupid as I think you are?! Or are you just a b**** who would do anything to see our father squirm?" Lucas says in a ruthless tone. 

Just then, our father bursts through the doors. "Evelyn. There has been another rebellion. Actions must be taken." He says to me, but I ignore him and look in a different direction. "Evelyn? Are you listening to me?" He continues to say. 

I look at my father and say, "Is it true?"

"Is what true?" He asked.

"Is it true... that you have been setting up these rebellions? Is it because you know that you're losing your grip over them? Or is it because you know your reign of power is coming to an end? Do you know what can happen to you once I get married? Do you really know?" I say in a bitter tone. 

"Honey, why would you say something like that? You know I would never do that!" My father says in a irritated tone. 

"Well then father, you should here what she was going to do to you." Lucas says as I glare over at him.

He wouldn't tell. He wouldn't because he knows that I know that he killed that innocent women. 

I walk over to Lucas and bend over his desk and whisper, "If you tell father, I will exploit you for everything you have done. And then, I will take pleasure in watching you die. So I would keep your mouth shut!"

"Your daughter, the Queen... is... how do I put this. Oh yes! She is trying to overthrow you. And yet you think she  deserves power. It's jus-" I don't even let him finish before I slap and watch him stumble over his chair. 

"Shut up!" I yell. 

The End

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