A Staircase of Marble and The Bed of Roses

 “Come with me.” Evelyn whispers into my ear.

Her sweet tone is like hearing a beautiful song, you have no other option but to succumb. The two of us slipped out of the ballroom, hearing the crowd still cheering after our kiss. We run of the stair case, the moon is now out and makes this whole thing even more romantic. Finally we reach the top of the staircase. That is when I realize, that is her room!

 “Why... that's your room.” I say.

“I know that. I wanted to... show you something.” She said, winking at me.

Then and there, I knew what she meant. We were about to take our love to the next level. She opens the door quietly and we both slip in like shadows and I hear the door click shut. She walks over to her dresser which has a mirror and she sits down on the chair and starts to brush her hair. Her hair is like a wave of blue when she let's it all flow down. I watch her unlace her dress and it falls to her shoulders. Evelyn stands up and walks towards me, her dress slowly falling a little lower with each step she takes. She tilts her head to the left and I slowly caress her neck.

“I like that. You're really good at making a woman quiver.” Evelyn said to me as she stared me in the eyes, her hands on my shoulders once I was done.

“I've found love... lost love... now I really don't know how to love. But you... you brought meaning back into my life. I am glad that I have found you.” I reply as I gently put her on the bed. 

She puts her arms over my neck as I kiss her on the bed. She slowly unbuttons my shirt I wore and then she placed her hands on my chest. Her skin is smooth against mine. She looks me in the eyes and then slips off the remainder of the dress. Our bodies were one, her skin against mine, the warmth that was flowing between us was incredible. I never wanted this night to end. I gently kissed her back and then we made love again. Never had I felt that good in my life. Never had I felt that type of love and I was glad to have found it. I slowly rub her hips to which we made passionate love that night. I'd be damned if I were to ever forget that romantic night we spent with each other.

“I love you.” She whispered into my ear as she kissed me for the final time that night. 

The End

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