The Grand Feast

 The doormen open the double doors which were made from mahogany, the finest wood in the land. The inside of the mansion is twenty times better then my hotel room. The floor is made of pure marble and the railing to the grand staircase is pure gold. The chandelier overhead was pure gold and crystal. It was one of the finest chandeliers I had ever seen in my lifetime. Even from outside the grand ballroom, which was set up for the Grand Feast, I could hear the orchestra playing. I hadn't heard music the beautiful since I had eaten at that The Golden Lamp. It was very popular in Amberville. 

When we enter the ballroom, which was magnificent, Evelyn and I took our seats at the head table. Never in my lifetime, had I sat at the head table. Evelyn looked over at me and smiled and lipped the words “Showtime” to me. Though I didn't quite know what that meant, I just went along with it. Finally, I realize what she means. The time has come for her to give her speech and announce the man to whom she is going to marry on her fourth month of ruling. I barely have time to touch my food before she starts talking.

 “Welcome all. Today I became the Queen of this land. I promise you I will make Crystalvale prosper! We will have NO more uprisings. Amberville was only the start, which means more are bound to happen and when they do... They will pay, that is all I can say on this matter right now. Now for some... happier news. I have found the man to whom I shall wed on my fourth month of ruling. This man, I met only about a day, but he has made a huge impact on my life. I know all of you here will grow to love him. Well, here he is! Thomas... um... what is your last name? I never caught that.” She said in a cheery and elegant tone. 

 “I am Thomas Smith.” I replied to her.

“Thomas Smith! This man I shall wed soon... and he shall become Thomas Lovelock. What a lovely couple we will make.” She said as she sat down to a roaring applause. 

After her speech was given, we began to eat. The food was chicken with this sauce I had never tasted before. The side was some Kingdom grown fruits and a soup full of meats and vegetables created by the Kingdom. The drink I have is a blue ocean. It has a little bit of every type of alcohol in it, then mixed with a blue coloring. It was one of the best things I had ever tasted. It was hard to focus on the food when I was surrounded by this astounding mansion, which was more like a palace then a mansion. The crystal dome was gorgeous and the chandelier it held had to be thirty times bigger then the on in the foyer. The marble flooring, the flowers, it was all very overwhelming. The walls had so much detailed artwork. 

Finally the time had come, Evelyn extended her hand to mine and we took the floor by storm. I gently placed my right hand on her hip and my left on her shoulder. She placed both her arms around my neck and my back. The orchestra played a beautiful song and we slowly swayed back and forth as the entire room watched in awe at our romance for each other. We both looked into each others eyes, her pink eyes were so beautiful. Though we both knew that the most beautiful eyes had seen the most pain.

“Your eyes... they are so beautiful. I have never seen a more beautiful shade of blue until I met you.” Evelyn said to me with a small smile showing.

“Your pink... so wonderful. I cannot put my emotion for them and you into words. It's hard to believe I met you only a day ago.” I replied.

“Thomas... I never knew the true meaning of love until I met you.” She said to me, tears building up in her eyes. “Forgive me for this” She said as she slowly came closer to my face. Slowly I moved toward her face until we both met and had our first kiss. I had never felt whatever was going on in my body like that before.  


The End

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