Finding Love (Prologue to The Grand Feast)

After the coronation, the Grand Feast took place. I was not invited. The Grand Feast was for royals and those close to the new found Queen. I was kind of hurt that Evelyn did not want me at the feast. I slowly started to walk with the rest of the group, some to their homes, others to restaurants, and the rest like me, to our hotel rooms. I walk with my head directed to the sidewalk, until I hear a voice.

“Wait! Dammit Thomas, wait!” I hear the voice yell.

I look back and it's Evelyn running in her golden heels. Only shoes people in the Kingdom would wear. They look extremely uncomfortable in my opinion. I stop in the middle of the herd of people and wait for her. Her light blue hair flies in the wind. She runs up and hugs me! Something I was not expecting.

“I want you to come! Now!” She tells me.

“But...” I say, not knowing truly what to say.

“This is not a invitation, it's an order!” She says laughing.

“You want me to go to The Grand Feast?” I say in shock.

“Of course. Why wouldn't I?” She says in a flirtatious tone. “After all... you are the one.”

Me, the one!? It's impossible. I couldn't be the one. I was a poor man who lived in a village that was raided because of an act of rebellion. Why would the new Queen want me? I was always told that I had nice looks and a nice personality, but I never imagined that it would impress a Queen! We take each others hand and prepare for what will be one of the greatest nights in our lives.  

The End

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