The Coronation

 “Welcome Evelynia. You have been waiting for this day haven't you? Well then, let the coronation begin!” A man dressed in outrageous clothing says to Evelynia and the crowd cheers.

“I have sir. Now, let this start.” She replies.

“Very well. Evelynia, do you swear by the oaths of the Kingdom that you shall do your duty to make sure not another rebellion happens?” The man says to her.

“I do. I will make sure that not a single person is out of line in this wonderful country.” She replies. The crowd goes quiet after hearing that.

“Do you swear by the hearing of death if you fail to do your duties? And do you swear to make sure all acts of rebellion are ceased by death or burning of the village or city in which it resides?” The man asked.

“Certainly! As you saw in Amberville, we are NOT afraid to put all acts of rebellion down. We will make sure order is maintained! And I'll be damned if any of the villages and cities are out of line! I will make sure the army is patrolling non-stop to reassure that there will be no acts of rebellion!” She replies.

Clearly the crowd realizes what type of Queen she will be. Even I realize it. How can I love this woman whom is so kind but yet so ruthless when it comes to power? Unless... it is certain! It is all a stage! Make the Queen look like a tyrant to make sure a rebellion doesn't happen again. 

 “And finally... Do you swear to find a man of your dreams and make him King over this wonderful kingdom?” The man asked.

“Of course!” She replies in a cheery tone, as if she already knows who she wants. 

The End

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