The Crowning of a New Era

I find a hotel in the less honorable side of the city. It is nice, don't get me wrong, but this is the last place I would want to stay in such a beautiful city. The hotel is astounding, though not nearly as classy as some of the hotels I saw earlier today. But in Amberville, this would a be top of the line hotel. So in general, I was glad to stay here. I get into the elevator and press the twenty-fifth floor button and the elevator zooms right up. In Amberville, the elevators we have are just simply metal things that smell like feet and take forever to go up even a floor. Finally I arrive on the twenty-fifth floor and get off. The hallway alone was beautiful. My room as even better! The glass was so clear you wouldn't have even thought it was there. I throw my luggage to a corner of the room and just slip under the covers. When I go to sleep, all I can think about is her.

When I wake, the sun is just barely shining over the Capitol Building. The Capitol building is the second largest building in Emberonyia, with the mansion being the first largest. I don't even care to take a shower. I throw on some fresh clothes and rush out of the hotel. I look down the deserted city streets. Hard to believe that this city holds almost one billion people and not a damn person is outside. As I ponder on the situation, that is when I remember that today is Evelyn's coronation. Could this woman possibly be the one I met on the train? I slowly start for the city square. All the shops are closed today. The coronation is at two, it's eight right now. Might as well try to get some exploring of this city done. They never lied about saying how great and beautiful this place was. I always envied those who lived in Amberville that got to go to the kingdom of Emberonyia and now I was in it! 

The sky was an eye hurting blue and there wasn't a single cloud in sight. All in all, I knew today was going to be great. Starting at twelve, a celebration took place where various stands and vendors were set up while the new queen was being prepped. I walked over to a liquor vendor and tried this very distinctive wine. It tasted like the average wine, but it had spices and a “special” ingredient. The food was more than anyone could ever imagine! I tried this one type of meal with genetically altered fruits and veggies with a special Kingdom type fish that would have taken a whole years work to afford. 

Finally the bells chime two. The Kingdom's anthem plays and the mansion doors slowly open. In the gleaming light, I see the silhouette of Evelynia. She slowly starts to walk outward toward the people. Her hair is in a fan and the rest of it rests along her right shoulder today. Her hair is now a light shade of blue instead of pink from when I first met her. Her dress is a long gown the color of an ocean, laced with gold at the bottom. When I look at her, my love yearns more for her then I could ever yearn for a single human being. Finally Evelyn stops at the balcony of her mansion and the coronation has begun! 

The End

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