The Encounter of a Life Time

The steam filled the room. The first train of the day had finally arrived. It was gleaming in the sunrise. The gleaming silver shone with the sun hitting it. I grabbed my luggage and headed on to the train until I bumped into a woman. When I look up, apologizing endlessly, she simply waves her hand to cut me off.

“It's fine. So my suitcase was knocked over. This is a busy train station you know? Anyways, my name is Evelynia. Everyone calls me Evelyn.” She said to me

I just didn't know what to say to her. She was a beautiful young woman with long elegant pink hair. Her hair was partially in a bun and then a long braid going down her left shoulder. She smelled like fresh lily-blossoms and a cool ocean breeze. All this time I was thinking about her and I forgot to speak.

“H-hello. I'm Thomas. So, where are you headed to?” I asked her.

“Emberonyia. Where the kingdom resides.” She replied. “Well, the train will be leaving soon. I must see to it that I get on, and so should you.”

“Oh yes. Well, it was nice meeting you Evelyn.” I reply.

I board the train. I sit in coach. Though let's be realistic here, even coach is more luxurious than my house. I live in a small town called Amberville. It sits about seven hours away from the kingdom. I traveled four hours by a different train just to reach Emberonyia Junction. I look around the compartment where I sit and to my amazement there was a chandelier! The seats were pure leather and the train had nothing but artistic drawings and carvings on the wall. To me, this felt the closest I would ever get to being in anything luxurious

The train takes off at what feels like over three-hundred miles per hour. We'd be in the kingdom by dusk. I slowly start to fall into the dream realm until I hear a knock on the door.

“Hello?” I say rubbing my eyes until I see who it is.

“Hello. I thought you were in first class?” She asked.

“No. I can't afford first class. Barely could afford coach.” I say with a chuckle.

“Well then, come with me. I would love it if you came and sit with me. If you want?” She says with a little twinkle in her eye.

I get up and she extends her hand out. It is extremely soft and her light pink skin makes her look even more elegant. I can't stop staring into her eyes. They're like an endless dream. Finally we arrive in first class. The elegance of it all just overwhelmed me. The doors were pure gold. The seats were some of the greatest things I had ever seen. And the artwork was astounding. We finally sit down and look down and she places her hand on my knee.

“So, what brings you to Emberonyia?” She asks me.

“Amberville... Was attacked early yesterday morning.” I say as she cuts me off.

“No need to explain. I hear all about it.” She says as she looks down.

I look out the window of the train and see that the descriptions were true. The tall beautiful buildings, the kingdom was exactly as described. And finally, the King and Queen's mansion in the square. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Finally the train comes to a halt and Evelyn storms out of the train like nothing happened.

When I get out of the train, I see people storming around her with cameras and such. Why could she be so important? How could she be so important? There was something she wasn't telling me and I was about to find out! I started to walk over there until I heard: “Your majesty, your crowning will be so great! It will go down into history. Though I do hope your mother is doing better.” She was a princess?! Why did she not tell me this? But then, I see her look back and lip the words “I'm sorry.” Just then, she was taken away into her father's mansion and I watched the doors close and lock as the sun finally drifted away in its final moments. 

The End

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