Chapter OneMature

Feliciana Vargas is a Jewish girl who doesn't want to believe that there's a bloody war going on. She enjoys every moment being the only Vargas living in Italy at this time.
Ludwig locks his heart up in chains refusing to let anyone in. But when he finds her... well, His walls cracked.

    Blood curtling screams was all anyone heard coming from town square piercing through silent days and nights when people coward in fear of the nazi soldiers. Mothers gripped the hands of their children rushing to get home in time as to not see the bloody scene. They waited with heavily loaded guns that tips would be smoking after they shot someone. It had been a day filled with screams of men and women. People would be pulled out of line and beat in front of everyone. Ludwig knew what he was doing is bad. He would never go against his own country though. His brother was an albino named Gilbert. He was self-confident while his eyes were painted red. He had a spanish friend named Antonio and a French friend named Francis. They were all separated with Gilbert's station was moved. Ludwig stood at the gates at a train station asking people for their ID's. A heavily loaded gun was in his hand while he tapped his heavy black shiny boots on the stone sidewalk. 

When people saw him, their faces were painted in terror since they hadn't expected a nazi guard waiting there. He watched a mom and her son walk down the street not holding hands, laughing, or smiling. They just stared straight at the monochrome world before them as ash fell covering their air. Gray clouds and smoke overtook all the sunshine there was.

"Suche beherbergt. Adolf schickte mir um Ihren Platz einzunehmen. Die Truppen sind drüben" (Search houses. Adolf sent me to take your place. The troops are over there.) He pointed with his thumb. The younger nazi in front of him looked tired as a cigar rested between his lips. Ludwig saw the troops  marching down towards the neighborhood of  Rose Road. Of course. Italians name a road Rose. He nodded and headed towards the back of all the troops and marched along with them. One thing rang through his head. 'Why can't I stop?' Ludwig couldn't stop moving his feet in rythm with everyone else. They all looked the same. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, shoulders high, backs straight. There was no one who was different from the crowd in this monochrome world.

The End

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