Lie to MeMature

Silas Hilcoat doesn't know much about his family's affairs. At a time he was hurt that his parents and older siblings kept all the secrets from him. They always assured him it was for plausible deniability. Eventually he'd given up.
Then they all died.
Him and his now eldest brother Mitchell were left with everything. Their little brother and sisters were taken away, Mitch split, and Silas came into possession of his family's estate, and all inside it. Including evidence against their many cri

I don't know what I'm doing up to late. Or early - depends how you look at it.

I'm not accomplishing much out in the streets, walking around at 2:30 am in the streets of Boston. But the bar kicked me out about an hour after last call, and I'm a little to tipsy to work an ATM to get some cash for a taxi ride back home.So I decided in my half drunk haziness to take a walk to clear my head.

Not that I have anything better to be doing at home. There's no one home to make me breakfast in the morning, or to talk to to break the boredom that constantly nags me. Mitch never calls, and never picks up his cell and is never home. That man is impossible to track.

I stumble over an uneven brick in the sidewalk and come down hard on my hands and knees. I feel my skin tear under the force of the fall, but it's dulled by the drunken hum that is pulsing through my body at the moment.

At that moment a pair of headlights swivel around the corner and pause. I push myself back up into a crouch and turn my head to the white muscle car that pulled up next to the sidewalk. The tinted window rolls down and a pale face appears in the darkness of inside of the car. Music blares out of the window and vibrates the sidewalk under me.

"Hey, baby," the voice says in a seductive voice. "Need a ride? I'll make it worth your while." She girl seems a little to young to be both driving and to be a prostitute. Her pale skin and blue eyes seem so innocent and her round face claimed to evil, despite the make up and fake eyelashes that seemed to harsh for her face. It reminded me a lot of someone. Someone I hadn't seen in a while.

I instantly sober up and scramble to my feet. She is still looking at me with a provocative glint in her eyes. I trip over my own feet a couple times before a reach the side of the car and clamp my hands down on the open window.

"You're too cute," she says, raising one eyebrow. "Does that mean you take my offer baby?"

I shake my head a couple times before I open my mouth. I need to make sure I'm talking to the girl I think she is.

"Janelle?" I say, my one word seems like a cramp in the girl's smooth talk. "What are you doing?"

The swag look was wiped off her face. Her mouth opened and her voice caught in her throat. "Si? Silas?"

I looked into the face of my little sister for the first time in over two years. She looked older. Not at all like the little girl that had been taken from me when our parents died. She certainly never had that skank quality to her back then.

She looked at me, speechless for a couple seconds, then a tear rolled down her cheek and she got out of the car. I wrapped my arms around her like I use to when we were small, but it was much more desperate now then it had even been. I stroke her hair and hold her, scared to let her go. Last time i hugged her like this, she left me for more than 2 years.

I wasn't letting that happen again.


The End

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