Liberi da sempre

Once the song ended, she pulled the headphone out, and high-fived Charlie, who was grinning. " I've never met anyone that knows the lyrics as well as I do!" he said. She smiled. " Dedication, pure dedication!" she said. 

Later, she was lying on her bed, searching through Tumblr for a post adequate to express her feelings when her phone buzzed. She picked it up, not expecting a text, and almost fell over. It was Charlie. She had his number already, from Facebook, and a prank on her behalf from her twin, but this was really him. Actually talking to her, not a "stranger".  Hi, how are you? it said. She pressed her phone to her chest and exhaled noisily.  She then hastily dialled her friend. "How on earth do I talk to him?!" she demanded when she answered. " By using your vocal chords?! How did you talk to him today?" was the reply. " I had the music. It was simpler then. I can so easily make a prat of myself now!" she said. " Treat him like anyone else! Look, I have to go m'dear, I have my tea calling. Good luck, my femme fatale!" On the dialling tone, she sighed.  Well, here we go. Time to not make a fool of myself, she thought. 

I'm good thanks. How are you? Do excuse the singing earlier, got a little carried away!  she typed, and then froze. The kisses debarcle. It was an automatic response, but was it too much? After much deliberation, and a calming rendition of Beekeeper's Daughter by All American Rejects, much to her twin's disgust, she decided against it and hit send. 

Little did she know it was the beginning of something entirely new, and not unlike the songs she immersed herself in. 

The End

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