Liberi da sempre

This was a personal request from a very close friend of mine, so be nice to my baby! :D

It all began when she dropped her iPod. 

She was walking along, singing snatches of Italian songs in what she hoped was passable Italian. She wasn't thinking about anything much. Her hair was freshly curled, and she was dwelling on a ginger comment. "I'm not ginger!" she muttered. 

Then, she bumped into someone's shoulder, dropping her iPod from her pocket. She bent, embarrassed, and was shocked to realise she recognised the stance. She looked up, and froze. "Hello, Charlie." she said, scooping up her iPod, and tucking a wayward curl behind her ear, suddenly conscious she'd come out of her house with mismatching clothes and no shoes.  He smiled, and pulled her to her feet. " Don't worry about it!" She smiled, and dropped her gaze to his feet. She never liked eye contact at the best of times, and he was making her self conscious.  Before she could react, he'd placed one of the headphones in his ear, and was scrolling through her music. " Oh! You have Scene Aesthetic! Nice!" He shot her another smile, and hit Play. She stepped behind him, straining on tiptoes to see his selection. 

He shrugged away, laughing. " No! Guess! I'm sure you'll get it. After all, it IS your iPod!" he said, grinning.  "Okay, deal!" she replied.  She mentally scrolled through her collection, but before she had the chance, she heard humming. Her heart stopped. Had he.. " Ships?" she guessed, smiling. " However did you guess?" he said, laughing. "Busted. Headphone?" She took the offered headphone, and slid it into her left ear. The lack of reach on her headphones meant she was standing rather close to him,  giving her the distinct aroma he always carried around like a cloud.  As the music continued, she felt herself singing along as she always did. But this time, he joined in too. People walked by, staring at the two teenagers cracking up and singing.  But neither of them cared. 

The End

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