In the Stacks.Mature

I was so distressed and embarassed by what had happened that I skipped my french lesson.

My untainted record how now been let down. But I didn't care. I don't care. That boy would be the end of me; I'm sure of it!

So there I was, in the library, studying when who came along to worry my mood? Greenwood.

I darted behind one of the shelves and before I knew I was making y way, rather rapidly, to the stacks at the back. I was a little out of breath when I finally made it there but tht was the small price to pay to escape from someone I hated.




'W-w-w-what on earth are you doing here? Go to your lesson where you belong!'I tried to scold him but my voice sounded cowardly and feeble as my voice was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

'I should tell you the same thing, prez.'Greenwood smirked, looking awfully pleased whith himself.

'Go away.'

'Nope. Oh...'His smirk got larger, 'don't tell me: your embarassed about earlier? Aha! Your such a kid, prez!'

'Please restrain yourself from makng so much noise! We are in the library!'I snarled loudly.

'Says you! Anyhow, this is the 'stacks' you don't have to be quiet here; this is where couples come to kiss.'He snickered,trying to conseal his laughter. Then his face suddenly turne serious.

'Greenwood? What in the name of God do you think your doing? I don't like that look in your eye!'I stammered. Well, I think I did. Because I've never stammered in my life before.

He  was standing right in front of me with a hand on the wall behind me. Greenwood's face showed no sign that he was joking around; his face was serious. I was blushing and I couldn't help it.

'Hey, prez, what would you do if I kissed you right now?'He purred.

'Uh.. .um... I'd...hurt you?'

'Wrong answer. You'd melt and kiss me back.'

With that, his lips came down on mine and he pressed me against the wall. I was squirming and trying to brake free.

how dare he do this to his student council president?!

But he was right. Soon, my squirming ceased and my lips were in sync with his. My hands were tying frustrated knots in his stupid blonde hair.

I suddenly came to realise what was happening when he moved down to my neck.

'NO!'I yelled and pushed him away with so much force that he landed right on his arse. 'Don't kiss me ever again!'I shouted at him before running away.

The End

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