The boy with a talent for snoopingMature

I sank to the floor as Greenwood skipped off looking very pleased with himself. This was not possible.

'You bastard. . . I'll get you!' I snarled in a seething whisper.

'Molly! Why would you use such foul language in the presence of God?' A Sister said in a horrified voice. I didn't blush or show any sign that I'd heard her, 'Molly? Molly? Are you feeling quite alright?'

'Oh, I'm sorry sister. I was just... I was just quoting what a awfully naughty student had said to the Father. I was praying.' I said quietly, trying to look bashful.

Sister blushed and put a hand to her cheek, 'oh my. I would not expect anything less from our student council president. Of course you were praying! Well, may the lord be with you.' She bowed her  head, smiling and walked off.

'Praying? I wouldn't expect anythin' less from a devoted Christian like you.' A snickering voice rang out from a pillar behind me.

'You were still there?'I said dully. I really did not have the time nor patince to deal with this spiteful child right now.

'Now now, Prez. Don't sound so bored. Let's go pray in the church together; y'know, to make you look like your part of the whole God Squad.' Greenwood smirked.

'Please go to your next class, Greenwood. I do not appriciate your company.' I sighed, barlely concealing my anger.

'Hey, Prez. Do you call all the other kids by their last names? It's kinda rude.'

'I do. I have to treat all the students the same. Even my friends.'I told him. I stood up and put my hands on my hips, 'anyway. What on earth do you want from me? How do you know all of that information?'

'Because I'm good at studying things.'

'That has nothing to do with it. You may be good at studying--'

'I never said I was good at studying. To be honest with you; I'm really dumb. I meant I'm good at watching and gathering info.'He smiled coldly.

'Hm. If your so dense, then ho did you get into St. Davids Cross?'I asked curiously.

'Because my family is ritch.'

'Well, I don't care about this. Just go back to the classroom where you belong.'I growled, glaring at the young man who look incredibly pleased with himslef.

'Sure, whatever. Oh, by the by Prez. . .'He paused and walked over.

I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear. But no. He did something way more shoking than that.

He licked my cheek.

'Gah!' I grunted, I jumped away, wiping a shaking hand across my face, 'what in God's name did you do that for?!'

'A parting girft.' He grinned like a wolf, licking his lips. I flinched.

He laughed like a madman before jogging off to his next lesson.

I stood there, huffing and puffing like a maniac. I was shaking with fury. How dare he do that to his council president? I should go knock some points--


If I did that he'd surely spead stories about me. I would just have to endure this lecherous boys advances for now and pray to God everyday that he'll get expelled!


The End

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