In The BeginningMature

I'm a liar. I lie to everyone around me. It's how I get by in life.

'Molly? Molly?'

'Oh, I'm ever so sorry. Please repeat the question.' I smiled. That smile is fake as well. I don't even know my real smile anymore.

'I said please read out your answer to question five.'

'Ah, my pleasure: I believe that people hide their true selves to please others, thus spinning a web of many far-fetched lies.'I stated. Ironic, coming from someone life myself.

The bell sliced through the silence of the working students, I jumped in my seat. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned my head to be eye-to-eye with a student I was not familiar with.

'How may I help you?'

'Hey, I'm Sam Greenwood. Your the student council president, nice to meet'chya.'He said as if we were familiar with one another.

'Yes. Yes I am. My name is Molly Sarlton. If you have any trouble around school, do not be too afraid to ask.' I said, squaring my shoulders.

He grinned as if he knew every secret in the world and sauntered out of the classroom.

I sighed and collected up my belongings, 'what a strange kid.'

Before I knew it, break time had come before me. I usually stalk the halls like a good little girl, but today I was not. I was going to have a break and drink some tea.

I ended up drinking water, sitting on a bench in the willow tree area.

'It's not me.' I huffed, 'I hate this.'

'Your a great actress, prez.'A voice called out. Sam Greenwood.

'Acting? Who is acting?' I sniffed, snapping back into formal mode.

'Oh, don't play dumb with me. I know all about your secret; how your parents are training you up to be a lawyer, ignoring your dreams of becoming a play director. I also know that you hate being neat.'He smiled a wicked smile.

How could someone so new know so much? How did he know about everything, all those things that I hadn't even written down?

'Pfft. Retire back to your classroom or I will be forced to knock of points from your house.'I said in a nasty voice.

'Oh, you wouldn't want to do that, or little tales may spread about a certain student body president. . .' He hissed snidely. 

I clenched my fists, furious. How could a insignificant fool life himself know such valuable information on me?

The End

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