Chapter Four

It's been about three hours since mom left.

It's dark now.

Dad” already went inside.

I went for a walk in the woods behind the house.

I found an old swing.

I swung for a while,

until “dad” started screaming for me.

I hate calling him dad.

But I don't know his name.

He screamed again.


Man this guy's got a lot of lung capacity.

I had a childish urge to swing really high and then jump off.

But I don't want to hurt myself the first day here.

I dragged my feet on the ground and stopped.

I got up.

I walked toward the house.


Oh my God. I'm coming.

I walked a little faster.



I finally got to the door.

I opened it.

He was standing at the top of the stairs.

Where have you been?”

Stop acting like you care.”

You missed supper.”

Not hungry.”

I didn't ask if you were. It's bed time.”

It's 7 PM!”

Early to bed, early to rise.”


I turn around.

I turned back around.

Uhm. Where's my room?”

In the basement.”


You'll find it.”

I sighed

I turned around and went back down the stairs into the porch and down the second set of stairs.

I got into the basement.

It was a small room with a cement floor.

I stepped in.

It was freezing.

I looked around.

A radio in the corner.

That's it.

Oh well.

I looked around

There was an old wooden door to the left.

I opened it.

Well, I tried.

Man this thing is heavy.

I rolled my eyes and headed back up the stairs.

Hey. . . 'dad' uhm-”

My name is John.”

Okay. . . John. . . Where's my room?”


I checked. The door won't open.”

Oh. . . Here.”

He handed me a key.

. . . Oh. . .”

Yeah. Now go to bed. We wake up at 6 and start the day when the sun does.”

Wow, are you a farmer or something?”

You could call me that.” He said quietly, “Bed. Now.”


I walked down the stairs again.

Put the key in the lock.

Turned it.

Opened the door.

Wow, nice room.

It was a room made of cement blocks and it was colder than the main basement.

There was a lumpy mattress in the corner and in the corner next to it there was a small wooden stove with a chimney going up through the ceiling.

I lied down on the mattress and just shivered.

I thought of mom that night.

I thought about all the good times we've had.

Even though she was more of a friend than a mother,

I loved her.

Even if she was purely annoying at times.

She was my mom,

and now she was gone.

I was stuck here with no way out,

nowhere to go.

I hugged my knees close to my body.

For the third time today I gave up on trying to be strong.

I gave in to my feelings,

I cried.

The End

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