Chapter Two


Okay, so let's rewind here. My mom drove an hour to bring me to meet a man that she had a fling with when she was a senior in high school, who is apparently my father. I don't know why she brought me here right before my 15th birthday, but she seemed sad about it. Maybe it's because she hasn't seen him in 15 years, or maybe she was sad that he wasn't dead yet. I don't know.


My mother stood there twirling a lock of her hair in her fingers,

my “father” stood there smiling awkwardly.

I, however, wasn't even sure what I was doing.

I know my mouth was hanging open,

but I didn't have the strength to close it at the moment.

Wow. Okay. So he's my dad. What's your point mom?

Anna? You okay? I won't bite, you know.” the man said.

I blinked a few times and closed my mouth.

I cleared my throat.

Uh, yeah. Hi dad.” I said, extending my hand for a handshake.

He grabbed my hand.


He was warm.

I looked up into his sky blue eyes.

My eyes.

Mom wasn't kidding.

Why would she be?

This man is my father.

The man that I've been waiting for my entire life.

The man that I've been trying to find my entire life,

was standing right in front of me,

holding my hand,


My bottom lip quivered.

My eyes teared.

I cried.

The End

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