A young girl named Anna has always known that her mother had a drinking problem, but it has never seemed more real. The court has ordered that she'd spend six months in rehabilitation or a full four year sentence in jail. Either way, Anna is forced to live with the only other family that she has left; her biological father. He looks like a nice enough person, but looks can be deceiving.



That's what they are.

That's exactly what they are.

They went and told me,

It'll be fine. Change is good.

Besides, you need a break.

But it hasn't been fine.

That's the lie.

It will never be fine.

And change isn't always the best thing.

But not everything they say is a lie.

I needed a break.


That's for sure.



Me and mom were just driving down the highway in silence.

No music, no conversation.


The usual.

I was staring out the window, completely bored out of my skull, but too scared to ask for music. My mom was the type of person that believes that children should be seen, not heard.

Probably explains why I was an “accident”.

Mom said that she never wanted a kid.

I was the result of an over-dosed fling.

I think it was her fault though.

She wasn't supposed to be at that party anyway.


So Anna. . . Your birthday's coming soon.” My mother said.

Oh my God. She remembered my birthday.

Um. Yeah, it is.” I replied, shocked.

Do you want to do anything special?”


Because it's your birthday and I, as your mother, want to celebrate the day you were born.”

Whaaaat? Did she just say what I think she said?

Mom, are you sure you haven't been watching too much Dr. Phil?”

She glared at me.

No. I haven't and excuse me for trying to be a good mother.”

Uh oh, I think I made her mad. . .

You're a great mother, mom, but you're not a great father.” I snapped as she turned onto the dirt road. 

She Glared at me.

Wait. Where are we?

Mom, Where are we going?”

I have a surprise for you.”

Ugh. I hate surprises.

Well, can I have a hint?”

Okay. I may not be a great father. But you won't have to worry about that anymore.”


That wasn't a very good hint.”

It doesn't matter. We're here anyway.”


She pulled into the driveway of a run-down old house. It wasn't that bad, but I couldn't help that my eyes automatically shifted from the house to the amazing looking man standing by the door. 

Woah. He's hot.

And he was hot. His black hair that hung low in front of his eyes, his toned arms, it was all so perfect. Until we got closer.

Um. Never mind. Ew.

He was still good looking up close, but you could see that he was a lot older than me.

He smiled as mom stopped the car and un-buckled herself. I did the same.

We stepped out of the car and walked toward the man.

Mom looked shy.

Mom? Shy? Can today get any weirder?

We stopped right in front of the man and my mom hugged him.

Long time no see, Lydia” He said to my mother.

They let go of each other.

He looked down at me.

You must be Anna.” He said, smiling.

The one and only.” I said, returning the smile. 
I looked at my mom, wondering who this mysterious man was.

She sighed and closed her eyes.

She opened them again.

Anna, this is your father.”

The End

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