Prologue: The Start of It AllMature

If you lie, you drop dead.

I’ve been raised to never lie. Not once in my whole life have I lied because if I did, I’d be dead.

No one knows how ‘diel’ started only that it just did. The first victim was Jonathan Sinclair, the newly elected president when my grandparents were teenagers. He dropped dead after his inauguration speech. When his body was autopsied, it was perfectly clean. There were no bullets, ruptured organs, or poison. His brain was fine and so was his heart. It just stopped beating. Everyone dismissed this as a fluke of nature but it happened again when this famous actor was on a talk show. He was asked whether he was having an affair behind his girlfriend’s back and he said no. He died seconds later.

Scientists then decided to hole up in a lab and find out what was going on. A year later, they told us that every time we lied, we’d drop dead on the floor. No explanation was given. A lot pf people disagreed but when some started dropping dead, the matter was dropped and it became a permanent rule to never lie. Talk about one helluva lie detector. Everyone believed it and so society became candid and rude, never once shying away from horrible questions because it meant certain death and everyone very much wanted to stay alive. It was a difficult way of life but we’ve managed.

Well, they did. 

The End

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