Liar Girl

She could not stop lying. That was her downfall.

     Today I will tell the story of a girl who lies. She had no ill intentions most of the time but she lied never the less. She did not know why she did it but she never bothered to stop lying. She was aware of the lies she told. She knew that her lies were not reality.
      Those around her do not know who she really is. No one knows who she is, not even herself. Out of her lies the girl created a whole new family. None of the people she spoke of actually existed. She changed her nationality and age. She changed her world to her liking but in the end she still was not happy with the fake life she had created for herself. The girl wanted to change more than just her life with her lies.
     Those around the girl did not notice a single obscenity with her lies. To them, her lies were the closest thing to the truth they had. They all believed her fake stories and tales about her fake life. To them the girl was a part time model and voice actress who had to be held back a grade because of her absences. Those who surrounded her were engrossed in her life stories and would not believe the truth if they would have ever heard it from anyone but the girl herself. They latched on to her and became the girl's following of friends. They did not like the girl. They liked the fake girl that was engraved in their minds as real.
      But there was someone else. This person did not fall in to the girl's trap of lies. He was a strong willed boy who was raised to be skeptical. He felt that something was wrong with the girl's stories. She did not look like the nationality she claimed to be. She was too young to be the age she claimed to be. The boy knew that something was wrong.
      He had listened to all of these nonsensical tales she spurt out of her mouth and joined her following. Along with the rest of the following the girl had, the boy followed her every where and listened to everything she had to say with out missing a word. A word lost was evidence lost for the boy and he needed that evidence to prove his hunch true. 
      By the time the boy joined the girl's following it was almost too late. The lies had started to become true in the girl's mind. Give it a bit more time and she would have believed everything she had ever said. Reality was slipping through the girl's hands and mixing with the world of fiction she had created for herself. 
The girl was scared. She was afraid of mixing the two worlds she lived in. Before then the girl made sure that fiction and reality were like oil and water, never mixing. The reality that was stored deep inside of the girl started to shrink. Her lies were real to her.
      The girl had decided to tell her final lie. She found a somber moment in the day and one by one told everyone in her following, which had grown bigger by now, that she was to leave soon. One by one, as they heard the news, gasped in shock and asked the girl where she was moving to. Her responded the same way each time. She responded with the word down.
      Everyone in the following interpreted this news differently but the boy was unmoved by the girl's words. By now he had deduced that the girl only told lies and concluded that she was not going to move. What ever the word down meant to the other girls meant nothing to him. The boy decided to confront the girl the day before she was to leave. 
      In the silence that came in between the boy and the girl was soon swept away with the tears of the girl. She knew that the boy was right when he exposed her in front of her following, but her mind ceased to believe the truth from that moment on. The following created an uproar over the boy's words. They could never believe that the girl was lying to them. She was too good for that.
      Come the next day, the girl no longer existed. Her body was found in front of her apartment building lying in the street. The girl lived on the the tenth floor.
      The girl never lied again.

The End

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