Basically, this is a very self-expressive piece of writing for me but please do not judge me for it!

“I swear, there’s no-one else but you baby. Trust me” I can hear him. He’s telling his girlfriend that he isn’t cheating on her. The “perfect” Jayson Christian Carter is telling his “soul mate”, Beth Roberts, that it’s her and no-one else forever.

He’s lying: again.

Allow me to explain because, right now, you must be pretty confused as to just how I know he’s both a liar and a cheat. Here’s the excruciatingly painful truth; I’m the one he’s been seeing behind her back. Well, kinda seeing.

Yeah, the truth hurts; a lot. Believe me; I know I shouldn’t be helping him be unfaithful with full knowledge of just how much chaos will be unleashed when Beth finds out our secret. But what can I do when he shamelessly flirts with me? He’s totally irresistible. 1000% irresistible. And no; that wasn’t a typo. I’m actually being completely and utterly serious about how talented he is at flirting and about how alluring he is to every girl within a mile of where his size-8 feet are standing.

But, come on. If some 6 foot 2, tanned, muscular guy with gorgeous, eternally deep bright green eyes came up to you and flirted shamelessly with you, what would you do? He’s perfect. With his flawless skin, perfectly straight and blindingly white teeth and his casually clingy clothes that are perfect for showing off his perfectly sculpted abs. It’s probably helps that he’s from a fairly rich background since his dad’stheDouglas Carter: successful entrepreneur. This obviously means he has money. He can do whatever he wants with it; this probably includes paying someone professional to tutor him and either having a membership to a great gym or having a great gym in his house.

My point is that he’s perfect. Nothing ever goes wrong for him because, if it does, he can justbuyhis way out! And another thing is I know for a fact he’s cheated before. I know this because I’ve seen him. All the time; he’s constantly flirting with girls and kissing them! And sometimes … sometimes even more. Urgh! He’s … he’s … he just doesn’t seem to realise the problem with flirting and being in a relationship at the same time!

I’m broken out of my thoughts by the sound of her heels clicking on the hard linoleum floor. She was heading in my direction! As I panic about her finding out the truth, she doesn’t even acknowledge my existence and walks straight past me.This is it;I think to myself,this is my chance to stop it all.

The End

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