Lia [Working Title]

Lia is a seemingly perfect sixteen year old girl. She's popular in school, gets good grades and has a loving family. But beneath all of this, she has always had the feeling that something is missing from life, that's she's not making the most of it. When one day she's had enough, and decides to change.

It wasn't her fault. 

She had been brought up by her parents on a strict belief that in order to be happy and successful in life you shouldn't waste your time with those beneath you. She was surrounded by a strong and secure family life, a group of friends who loved her as she was and a track record of perfect grades.

Yet, she always felt like there was something missing from her life.

If someone had taken the time to ask her if she was truly content  she might have considered telling them. But nobody did. They all assumed she was as happy on the inside as she appeared to be on the outside. 

Something was indeed missing from her life, but what she didn't know was just how much it was affecting her. She was only sixteen years old and so wasn't thought to have some deep psychological difficulty embedded deep within her subconsciousness that prevented her from attaining that perfect bliss that life had to offer. 

It suddenly clicked to her, one lazy Sunday afternoon when she was browsing the internet. She came across a picture of a homeless man and his dog, who was asleep on the guy's lap. With the picture came the caption: When you've lost everything, you find out who your real friends are. She was overcome with an unexplainable bout of sadness, coming from deep within her heart. She had never considered this possibility: that there were people much worse off than her and she still went about her life as though stuff like this didn't happen.

It sickened and angered her. And it was in those moments that Lia realized why she felt so unfulfilled in life. It was because stuff like this was happening. She could give so much to those less fortunate than her. 

Perhaps it was a result of angsty teen years that fueled Lia's desire to do something life-changing, to demolish the hole that had taken up residence in Lia's life for as long as she could remember. 

She walked past homeless people every day. They were dotted on various points throughout the town, the most popular being on the High Street where lots of people passed without giving them a second glance. Not anymore though.

'Tomorrow,' Lia whispered. 'Tomorrow will be the day when I change their lives.'

The End

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