In the Half-Light

“He’s your father, Bella. He’d be more suspicious if you didn’t visit him.”

“How about when he starts to get old and I still look the same? Don’t you think he’d get suspicious then?”

“I’ve thought about that. You know how Alice loves doing makeovers? And you’ve seen what they’ve been able to do with actors in film. You could age. Artificially, of course.”

I waited for her to come up with another counterargument, but to my great surprise, she didn’t.

“That’s so crazy, it just might work,” she whispered, then flung her arms around me and kissed me firmly on the mouth. I kissed her back just as firmly, reveling in the physical sensation for once rather than worrying about hurting her.

After a long, luxurious interval, she lifted her head, a dreamy look in her bright eyes. The wedding ring on her finger glimmered in the half-light, but it didn’t hold a candle to her eyes.

“I love you, Edward,” she said simply.

“I’ll always love you, Bella.”

I pulled her back into my arms and rested my chin on her head.

She shifted in my arms to peer up at me. “You said once that this was your least favorite time of day, twilight. But I kind of like it. Remember our honeymoon in Paris?”

I gave her my best crooked smile. “How could I forget?”

If Bella could still blush, she definitely would have then. She ducked her head and continued softly, “There was a painting in the Louvre called L’heure Bleu and it reminded me so much of Forks. It was exactly the same color of the sky at dusk in Forks.”

She sighed, sinking into the memory. “I love this time of day. I never really noticed it before, till now. How could you not like it?”

I was quiet for a moment, gathering my thoughts. “I think the reason why I didn’t like it before was because it made me sad. Nighttime made me feel so alone. I was always most aware of myself at this time, of what I was, and of my immortality.”

I continued, “It’s so easy to think dark thoughts, when the world is asleep and the sky is black as ink. Then you entered my life and everything changed. So, yeah, I may have to reevaluate my opinion on twilight.”

She stood up suddenly, stretching her slender limbs up to the rising moon. “Well, I like it.” She looked down at her arms, a curious expression on her face.

“What are you thinking of now, Bella? You’ve got a question written on your face.”

“I wonder what I’m going to look like in the sunlight.”

“Only one way to find out – let’s go home and look at tomorrow’s weather forecast. Better yet – let’s go ask Alice. I’m sure she can tell us if there’s a good chance of sun.”

Bella laughed, the sound of it like a tinkling bell. She leaned down and offered her hand to help me up. “Good idea. Let’s go home.”

Home. That was the first time I’d ever heard her refer to my home as hers, too. It suddenly became the most beautiful word in the world to me.

The End

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