Solace and Space

It was as if the world came crashing to my feet. I gripped the arm of a chair so tightly I felt it crumble to mere shavings on the ground.

I dimly registered that Jasper had entered the room, but mostly I noticed because of the pervading sense of numbness that suddenly enveloped me.

“Don’t overdo it, Jasper,” Alice hissed, and I raised my head to look at her.

“Where is she?”

“The images keep changing, like she can’t make up her mind where to go. But I don’t think she’s going to see Charlie. She’s decided against that, for now.”

I made myself say the words. “Will she go to La Push?”

This time her voice was very soft. “I’m not sure. But I don’t think so. She knows she’s not allowed…”

“I’m going. Will you come with me?”


“Anywhere. I can’t stay here like this. I’ve got to find her.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be found,” Jasper said, and I resisted the urge to snarl at him.

“It’s only the third day,” I snapped.

“Edward’s right,” Carlisle said, ending the argument. “We need to find Bella.”

Esme stood, her face wreathed with concern. “Take Emmett with you, too.”

Rosalie spoke from the doorway. “He’s out hunting. He should be back soon though.”

“I can’t wait for him. I’m leaving now,” I said, my mind already made up.

“I’ll go with them,” Jasper said, and I flashed him a look that simultaneously conveyed my regret for snapping at him and my gratitude that he was willing to help me despite this.

Five minutes later we were running in the woods, weaving in and out of the trees like spirits. But I didn’t take any joy in the movement, as I normally did. My mind kept imagining the worst things happening to Bella. I kept seeing her in pain, suffering. Without me. I ran faster.

Suddenly, Alice grabbed my wrist. “I see her,” she said. “She’s in a clearing not far from here. She’s alone and unhurt. You go ahead, Jasper and I will wait here.”

“Of course!” I groaned. “I should have known…”

The meadow. Our meadow. Why didn’t I think of it? It’s where I used to run whenever I needed solace and space.

The End

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