L'Heure Bleu

It was a typical day in Forks: rain, and lots of it. But I knew Bella had to go hunting soon, no matter the weather.

She was in pain, though she would never admit it. She feigned bravery, but I knew by her taut mouth that she was suffering, enduring the sensation of her blood vessels constricting, the venom coursing in her veins. It had been a century since my change but I still remembered the pain, how it felt like fire burning in my veins.

This was the process every fledgling vampire had to endure. This was our torment, but happily it never lasted more than three days.

The first day I did nothing but hold her in my arms, trying to keep her immobile while the waves of pain washed over her, rocking her to and fro. It was a strange sensation, holding my erstwhile breakable Bella, suddenly become more powerful than me. It took all my strength to hold her down. Emmett offered to help, but I allowed no one to come near.

I had been the one to change her, and I would be the one to guide her down this path.


From time to time on that first day, she would look up at me, and there would be a flash of recognition in her eyes. An awareness that shook me to the core.

“Edward…” she whispered.

“Yes, beloved?”

“Don’t – don’t leave me… p-promise me.”

“I never will. I promise you, Bella.”

The second day was better. She was much calmer and convulsed less. At times she seemed almost to be sleeping, although Carlisle told me this was impossible, and that it was probably caused by the morphine.

By the third day, Bella was more alert, seemingly more herself, although there were dark shadows under her eyes. This troubled me. But what worried me the most was how silent Bella was.

“Would you like some time alone?” I asked her, hoping against hope that she would deny and say she wanted me to stay. But to my dismay, she nodded.

“If you don’t mind, Edward. I just need time – time to get used to this, you know?”

There was a glimmer of Bella in her words, a hint of the girl I loved. But her eyes were cold.

The End

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