“well you can piss off with your poxy job,” I shouted at my supervisor. I think he would have taken it more seriously if I wasn’t quitting every other week and each time I’d come back the next day same as normal. “I’m sick and tired of hearing the same thing every day Joe,” I stormed out of his office and walked out to the front of the building.

It’s not like my job was all that bad, I was head of research for a scientific research company that was looking in to new methods of detection for forensic investigators, so yeah, it was pretty cool. But it wasn’t easy being in the position. For a start I was a woman and a lot of the people who were working under me were very old fashioned men. Secondly I was openly gay, and as a result I found that almost half of my team were homophobic.

I paced around outside the main building for a little while before pulling out a slightly crumpled pack of fags from my pocked and lighting one up. I took a long, calming drag of it, closing my eyes and leaning back against the wall. It wasn’t Joe that I was angry at, not really. It was the rest of the fucking team that would either openly mock me or slip in snide remarks every now and then.

“Do you think she’s actually going to quit this time?” My head snapped up at the voice. Chris and Ryan had strutted out of the main doors, also to have a smoke.

“I fucking hope so. The faggot,” He half laughed, “Sarah says she’s always worried she’ll start hitting on her,” I felt my temper rise. I swear to god whenever a woman hears that I’m gay they automatically begin to think I’ll try getting it on with them. I sighed, taking another couple of drags of the cigarette before putting it out. I ran a hand through my short blond hair before pushing off the wall and strutting straight past them towards my motorbike.

                                                *                                             *                                             *

I finally pulled up outside my little house having taken a detour to clear my head. I swung off my bike, pushing it up the path so I could stand it up in the back garden.

I pulled off my jacket, dumping it on the sofa as I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

I ran through what had happened today wondering what I was going to do, did I really want to go back in tomorrow? I sighed putting the glass down on the side before stripping off and getting changed for hunting tonight.

The End

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