Letting it all Out

Okay, I haven't started this yet. I've got a lot going on in my life, you see, and a good friend of mine, Rebekah, told me I should write it as a story.

Well, I told her no. But when stuff started to get worse I realised that she's right. I need to let it all out - and not by turning emo and cutting myself or something!

I might change the names. Just in case my friends read this, or something. I'm sort of apprehensive about what might happen here, but I'd appreciate some advice etc.

This is all true, by the way.

I'm just going to update it whenever there is a development, not when I feel like it. So it may stay the same for weeks on end. Sorry.

It's a solo story but I welcome comments :) I need your advice. Everything's just going wrong! So .... here goes. And sorry if it all sounds awful. Or if I sound babyish or something. I'm rubbish at writing down what I really feel.

The End

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