So Far to Go

Isaac hurried home from work.  If he ran just a little between getting off the subway and the bus then he would be able to catch the number 6 bus at 7:30 instead of having to wait the twenty minutes for the next one.  The thought of Lin waiting for him in their small apartment was enough for him to consider running all the way.

He loved her, he knew he did with all his heart.  If only he could get her to realize that.  She was so beautiful and so broken.  He remembered the day he'd met her in the department store.  He was looking for a birthday gift for his mother and he'd seen her tucking a scarf into her bag.

Maybe it was his years of working in loss protection throughout highschool and college or maybe it was the juxtaposition of her kind face with her deviant behavior that made him comfortable enough to approach her.  "I don't know much about women's fashion but wouldn't this look better if you wore it up here." Isaac had said pulling the silk scarf from her bag and tying it around her thin neck.

She gave a challenging smile in response.  "It compliments your hair" he'd ventured a compliment.  "Thanks" she'd responded that was the beginning of their history.  Isaac wasn't sure to this day if he had found her deviant behavior attractive or if he had already begun to guess at the hurt that had caused it.

He had been with her a year now and she'd made progress in her healing.  He'd like to think that he played a part in that.  She was better able to trust now, if not completely.  He admitted it could be hurtful at times, the way that she would refuse to trust him.  When she wouldn't share things or turn away from him.  Perhaps the worst of all was when she grew anxious and would lash out at him angrily.

He was willing to put in all the effort they needed to make this work though.  He would do anything to make her better, to make her whole again.  The bus rounded the corner and Isaac pulled the bell notifying the driver he wanted off at the next stop.  He imagined Lin and how she would always greet him with a big hug around the neck. 

Loving her could almost be like loving a child sometimes, she needed so much looking after.  Yet he loved her for all her childish characteristics too.   A smile had grown visibly wide across his face as the bus stopped outside their apartment complex. 

Before he'd even gotten out of the vehicle he saw her.  The petite girl he had fallen in love with standing shoeless amongst the grassy courtyard with another man.  And now he stood at the curb looking at both of them refusing to accept the worst.

The End

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