Cat and Mouse

Lin sipped her drink, a large, feminine, blousy top belted at the waist to show off her slim waist. Last's night's test had gone well; the argument, the crocodile tears, the vows of love. He had passed with flying colors. She had him wrapped around her little finger more than ever, ready again to do anything for her. Exactly where she wanted him. He had more charm about him than other men she'd lived with, or dated, to be sure. But he was still only a tool; used to bolster her ego, then broken -- as hard as possible. She smiled, glancing out the window. There he was on the walk, right on time. As always. She rushed to open the door for him, throwing her arms around him with a kiss. "I've got dinner here for you. How was your day?" Isaac smiled, setting down his jacket. "Better, now that I'm home."

The End

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