Letting him In

With their argument growing Lin left the table and headed to the bedroom. He watched her leave the table; he took a sip of his drink before following her. He leaned against the doorway her back was to him, “Why do you always do this? I know you still think that I’m going somewhere, I’m still here.. with you..I’m.. NOT.. going..anywhere. I want you, only you. There isn’t any chick out there that can compare. I know you have been hurt before, I’m not here to hurt. I’m here to fill the broken parts of your heart. Let me in, I want to be able to take on the parts that you need help with.”

He walked over to sit next to her on the bed. He reached up and wiped away her tears. She began to try to speak, placed his finger on her lips, “No don’t say anything, I’ve been here for a year plus, I plan on being here for many more years. I know that all I can do is show you but you got to let me know I’m doing the right thing.”

He kissed her on the cheek and got up to go clean up the kitchen.She wrapped her arms around him.“Thank you. I know I'm not the easiest person to be with. I'm trying to let all of these walls down. You're doing the right thing and you're doing great. ”

The End

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